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Workshop -- 4X Your Job Search by Networking

How to tap into the hidden job market

Are your patrons struggling to stand out during the job search process?

Are they unsure how to reach out to mentors, follow up with job search prospects, and get the interviews they're interested in?

Do you have a hard time answering their networking questions?

Consider hosting a workshop where your patrons can have their most burning questions answered by a certified job search expert.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in hosting a networking workshop at your organization.

Here are three interesting pieces of information that should get your patrons fired up about networking:

  • 40% of all hires are referrals.
  • Only 7% of applications come in through referrals.
  • Referred applicants are 3 times more likely to get hired than non-referred applicants.

But it's hard finding people to reach out to, and it's even harder figuring out what to say to them. How do you avoid sounding needy? How do you get replies to your emails? How do you follow up without seeming desperate?

When you sign up for this workshop...

I'll show your patrons how to find the employers that need them most, and how to connect with them strategically.

They'll get 26 detailed, fill-in-the-blank templates that will get their connections to fall in love with them.

I'll show them how to use a free, simple tool to make following up automatic and effortless.

I'll show your patrons exactly how to introduce themselves to, follow up with, and delight...

Executive Decision-Makers



Other Well-Networked People

Specifically, your patrons will get...

  • Extensive one-on-one time with one of only eight Certified Online Job Search and Reputation Management Professionals.
  • A one-hour workshop where they will learn how to strategically reach out to, follow up with, and wow other professionals.
  • A brief, information-packed guide that will show them exactly how to find referees on LinkedIn.
  • A job search checklist that will work for them, whether they have an hour a week or 2 hours a day to dedicate to their job search.
  • 26 detailed, tried-and-tested, fill-in-the-blank networking templates, each for a different type of person, and each with its own set of goals.

Your patrons will no longer have to:

  • Spend hours upon hours researching and applying to hundreds of jobs
  • Get in touch with old connections by sending out resumes
  • Blast out generic emails asking for job leads

Instead, they'll be reaching out to strategically selected people. They'll save a ton of time and avoid the stress, helplessness, and headache that comes with poring through page after page of online jobs. 

Schedule your workshop here.

Workshop -- Resume Writing

How to use the real estate on your resume strategically.

Hi, my name is Fatemah Mirza and I am a Certified Resume Master who has been helping job seekers with their resumes for the past six years. My clients have ended up working for highly selective organizations like...

My three secret rules of resume writing are:

  1. The first few lines of the resume are read the most carefully.
  2. Resumes are skimmed along the left margin.
  3. Resume bullets with a narrative structure are more memorable than "ordinary" resume bullets.

Use this form to schedule a workshop with me, where I will break down each of the preceding rules for your patrons, and show them how to re-strategize their resumes.

Patrons that attend my workshop will be given an Applicant-Tracking-System-optimized .docx resume template and a brief guide that breaks down the exact framework I personally use to write resumes.

I used this template to put together a resume that won a Toast of the Resume Industry Nomination last year. I use it for all my clients, too.

This template utilizes the three most powerful storytelling techniques in the world:

  1. Building up conflict
  2. Hooking the reader from the very beginning
  3. Using parallel writing structures to help readers digest information, while using differently formatted text to slow skimmers down.

Furthermore, I'll break down the tricks your patrons can use to frame their experiences, whether they're freshly out of school, seasoned executives, or career changers. I'll also equip them with the following:

  • Detailed, individualized suggestions for improving their resumes further
  • A guide on finding keywords for their resumes
  • A guide on framing their accomplishments
  • Additional videos that they can use later, at home, to finalize their resumes.

This is the shortest, cheapest, and most effective way for your patrons to get one-on-one feedback on their resumes from a prestigious, sought-after resume writer.

Give your patrons the tools they need to succeed by signing up for a workshop here.

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