"Most resume editing services online (even popular ones) tend to be computerized because of the volume of work they receive, so your resume likely has never been seen by a human and will be edited to a template without any real personal attention. With CareerTuners you are assured 1 on 1 personal attention and a quick turnaround time!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
Kutibh Chihabi
"She has skills and advise that are top notch. She provides services for things that other folks could easily add on as charges. She takes out time to answer your questions and concerns. They really give you an in depth resume. From my own experience with Fatemah and what she brings to the table.... She helps you establish a direction... you have to choice to make the effort and walk down it. Have fair expectations! A combination of things help you in your search."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Abdullah Rashidi
"Zuha was amazing in helping me out. Before I met here I had 4 professional resume writers and they could not get my resume done in less than 4 pages. Obviously, I have been doing a lot the last 30 years and just too much information to understand and obtained. Zuha actually had about 4 to5 consultations with me and then did my resume. She nailed it the first time and got it sone to 2 pages and I got great compliments on my resume and asked me who wrote it. I wasted over $1,000 in other resume writers and got nothing out of it. With Zuha I at least feel I got my money's worth and she even helped me with LinkedIn and we are soon going to do some coaching classes for interviews. I must say she is not the least expensive but she is well worth it."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Ernest Panza
"I am a graduate student and I was actively looking for full-time opportunities. Though my skills were matching 100% with the job description I was not getting any calls. Though we have good experience in some technology, we cannot articulate it. Fatima helped me in articulating those skills and experience. She focused on my relevant skills and streamlined my resume to prove my result oriented approach. Now, I am getting 2 times more interview calls than before. Working with Fatima was a really good experience. Her communication skills and effective writing impressed me. I will highly recommend Fatima for her resume writing services."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Akshay Chandrachood
"I have worked with Fatima and CareerTuners since 2019 and found their resume-writing services exceptional. During this time, I landed two new roles using the resume Fatima prepared for me and recently returned to get my resume optimized for my latest accomplishments. As soon as I started applying using my latest resume, I landed my target role, and that too with double the salary offer from what I was making already. I guarantee you will get results from Fatima's close consultation and guidance and I highly recommend her if you are looking to level up your job search and outreach."
Review taken from Google
Ray Crabtree
"Absolutely amazing work. I have tried other resume writers before this one and this is the only one that was worth it so far!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
"Fatima is absolutely wonderful and a genius resume writer. Resume preparation done by her got me 2 diff jobs, and many other interviews, in a very tight competitive environment. Thank you so much for helping me get where I am today. One of the interviewees said that "in 40 years, this is the best resume and full packet he's ever seen."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Gurveer Chhokar
"I was fortunate to have Zunaira help me revise my resume, her personalized approach made our collaboration effortless and enjoyable. The undertaking was a complete success because I was able to interview for an opportunity as a Business Agent; consequently, I had been pursuing this milestone for two years. To make a long story short, I was selected for the position and I couldn't be happier. Without Zunaira's assistance, I don't think I would have gotten a call for an interview; moreover, she is a true professional and I can recommend her devoid of any reservations!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
Kentorris Hodges
"I worked with Fatima and Rabia when I started my job search process in the commercial real estate arena and found their resume-writing services exceptional. Throughout the process, I was involved in a collaborative relationship, resulting in an end product that accurately represented my personal brand. The resume that Fatima and Rabia revamped for me landed me my dream role in the commercial industry. I highly recommend CareerTuners if you are looking to level up your job search and outreach."
Review taken from Google
Jawad Fawaz
"A few months ago, I invested in your resume editing service and it was truly the best $100 dollars that I have ever spent! After months of consistently job hunting, I recently landed my ideal position. I was competing against one other candidate and it was a very very close call. After three interviews, both of our resumes were forwarded to the Senior Director to make a final decision and she preferred mine. She mentioned that that it was very professionally structured and she loved the format! I wanted to relay this message to you in order to express my gratitude for your services at CareerTuners! I appreciate all of your helpful tips and tricks and will definitely refer you to those in my network. Thank you so much:)"
Review taken from LinkedIn
"Rabia was incredible in vastly improving my resume and my LinkedIn profile that was optimized for ATS. She spent a long time speaking with me regarding my experiences and she was able to quantify them and highlight relevant experience as required for the positions I was looking for. I began to receive calls for interviews within weeks of updating my resume and I accepted my dream position within 2 months after obtaining this service. Rabia is easy to talk to and genuinely interested in helping you securing you your dream job. I highly recommend Rabia and careertuners!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
"I have had a very unconventional work history, and so my resume needed a lot of work to highlight my talents and accomplishments. I was looking for a job, and using my old resume that I created from templates on my own wasn't getting me any responses. I used the services of Maryam and now my resume looks very professional and reflects my specific skills and work talents in a way that is attractive for employers, and for the ATS screening process. Maryam was very thorough with the interview with me, and was definitely on top of the follow up- I never once felt like this was just a one and done resume edit. I really appreciate the help as now I have a role in a job that is perfect for me right now!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
Arthur AJ Johansen
"I had my resume developed by Maryam Khan, who streamlined the whole process for me by providing consistent support. During the information-gathering call, she asked thought-provoking questions and went the extra mile to understand the technical aspect of my work; she was able to uncover a lot of my professional accomplishments. The resume she wrote reflected my expertise and the depth of my career. I would recommend Maryam’s services to anyone looking to get their resume optimized."
Review taken from LinkedIn
"Fatemah and her team helped me redesign my resume and my LinkedIn profile to help me more strongly convey my skill sets and career accomplishments. I appreciated all of the feedback from the professionals at Career Tuners and am happy to report that I accepted an offer of employment for the job that I really wanted. Every service, including their interview coaching, was important in my being able to show up and present myself authentically and with confidence. Thank you so much"
Review taken from Google
James Hummel
"Zunaira took the time to review all my work, my old resume and research specific jobs I was looking for to make my resume well rounded and stand out amongst others. Thanks to her help I was able to get call backs quickly and even land my dream role."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Andrew Pinto
"I really liked the resume and LinkedIn profile content Waleed created for me for Financial Analyst roles. I got an interview on LinkedIn within a few weeks of updating my profile."
Review taken from Google
Sean Lacon
"I am extremely satisfied and grateful for my experience working with Gul and the team at CareerTurners. They are true professionals and a resume company unlike others for the quality and individual attention they provide to their clients to guarantee a successful experience. What impressed me the most was the time and quality of all of my communications with the team. From the initial consult, it was clear that they were committed to ensuring that I received the best guidance and services for my career goals by connecting me with Gul, a writing professional who not only has a sound understanding of my industry, but impeccable resume writing skills. Gul worked with my schedule and even accommodated early morning and weekend meeting times. From there, we had two in depth information gathering sessions in which she took the time to delve deep, ask the tough questions and sift through the specific examples to really understand each of the different roles I’ve had over the years. During our call, I remember being in awe of how Gul was able to hear my disjointed recollection of past projects and challenges, and seamlessly translate them into clear and concise accomplishments. The end result was a resume that did not just simply state tasks, but thoroughly exemplified my achievements throughout my career. I was impressed even further by the quick turnaround time. I had requested multiple tailored resumes and a LinkedIn review and in less than a week, Gul sent me all of my documents, ready to use, and provided revision updates in less than 24 hours. Beyond my professional documents, I gained knowledge and insight on the job search and application process through timely communication via email, phone, and text--truly any and all of my questions were answered, as quick as within just minutes! I also received additional customized documents and preparation strategies that have helped improve my interviewing skills tremendously. Above all, Gul and the team at CareerTurners are just really great people who are kind and personable and genuinely want to help, even making themselves available for future questions as needed. Job searching and making a career change can be a daunting and uncertain time, but the resources and guidance from CareerTurners has given me confidence to guide me through this process. I will definitely be recommending their services to colleagues, friends, and family who are looking to professionally update and improve their CV/resumes. "
Review taken from Google
Taryn Kurosawa
"Umema did a great job helping me through a total resume revamp. At the outset, I liked that when LinkedIn made the connection, Umema’s first contact with me already contained feedback about my profile. It wasn’t just an automated general script. She then takes the time to understand my experience and goals, and conducted a deep dive interview the flesh out a new resume for me. Most importantly it got results. I applied to two positions and was invited to interview for both, and each company commented on the resume being very helpful for them to understand my experience. One company ultimately made an offer which I accepted. The prices for the resume work were competitive and paid off quickly with a new offer."
Review taken from LinkedIn
"Gul did a fabulous job recreating my professional resume and CV. She made my resume stand out and everything was succinct together-my cover letter, resume, CV, and LinkedIn profile. Resume writing services will help you get a leg up in the age of computer-screened resumes. Machine learning and automated scans can discard your resume before a real human even sees it. It’s crucial that your professional resume showcases your unique skills and experiences while also emphasizing why you’d make a great employee. More than ever, your resume needs to be written to make you stand out - to both humans and computers. She is a top-notch professional resume writer who is always up to date on the latest trends in the industry. Most of these companies will begin as resume review services and you can get started with a free review, but they offer various packages to help you complete your resume, cover letter, and even LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend Gul and her services that are offered in the package."
Review taken from Google
Kristal Ross
"Careertuners helped optimize my resume and LinkedIn profile for supply chain management roles. The service quality was exceptional! CareerTuners helped me uncover quantified accomplishments in my career history that were missing from my resume. Their services helped me stand out from the crowd of job applicants. I would highly recommend their services for anyone looking to succeed in their job search."
Review taken from Google
Ernesto Lozano
"Fatemah Mirza is a dedicated professional always willing to help others achieve their goals. I appreciate Fatemah Mirza's willingness to put me in touch with others within her circle. She is a good source of information and good business associate, partner and who works on a win-win approach for all her clients. Knowing, working and networking with Fatemah Mirza has been a very pleasurable experience. She is very thorough in dealing with all relevant issues, in order to deliver a working solution, and capable of explaining these issues to non-technical people. Fatemah Mirza is an inspiration to everyone in her organization at Career Tuners. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will truly appreciate all she is able to do to help them succeed. Fatemah Mirza has been a pleasure to be associated with and always presents a positive approach to all her challenges. I highly recommend working and connecting with Fatemah Mirza."
Review taken from Google
Mohammed Najar
"I was looking to freshen up my resume and researched resume services and CareerTuners were highly rated, so I sent an inquiry (late at night mind you) and within 15 minutes, I had a reply. My Resume Wiz, Zahra, was nothing less than AMAZING. I had some personal matters that delayed a meeting with her, however, she was so patient and kind. When we finally had the opportunity to speak, she did a great job leading on with questions to help my resume and LinkedIn profile be as great as possible. I received my resume and LinkedIn profile in less than a month and they are beyond what I expected. I am currently in the process of getting my LinkedIn profile updated and I know with my resume being as great as it is, I'll be able to stand out from other job candidates. This is the absolute best money I could have invested. Thank you Zahra and CareerTuners Team!"
Review taken from Google
Nikki Race
"Fatemah is an excellent Resume and Networking Coach. Throughout my whole job search in the field of engineering, she highlighted all of my strengths on my resume, organized my linkedin profile, interview coached me, and assisted me on how to make professional follow up emails with companies that I was interested in working for. Not only is Fatemah an excellent Networking and Resume Coach, she CARES about finding your Dream Job. Thanks to her assistance, I recently got hired as an engineer at a great company! If you are looking for an excellent Resume and Networking Coach to land your Dream Job, look no further and go with Fatemah."
Review taken from Google
Mahmoud Tahir
"Over the years I have developed many contacts in my recruiting work and as a result of my writing and lecturing. Fatemah is one of the most proactive professionals I have encountered in a long time. In a market sector that can cause some people to become jaded and numb to the needs of the individual, she is a powerful, positive force - energetic and results driven. I highly recommend her services."
Review taken from Google
Michael Mayher
"I had the pleasure to be introduced to Rabia through CareerTuners. During my resume and LinkedIn rebuilding session, Rabia diligently and attentively assessed my technical/engineering career accomplishments and was able to curate the LinkedIn profile and resume that I have to today! With her guidance and resume writing skillset, I was able to successfully land a technical role with Apple! I am very grateful for Rabia and her team at CareerTuners. She definitely can turn your career around for the better! Highly recommend her and her team!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
"I had a chance to work with Fatemah recently and I found her work to be quite impeccable. Fatemah prides herself on offering nothing but the best. Her expertise, style, and responsiveness are exemplary. Her attention to detail, zeroing in on the right issues, and providing rich analysis is what makes her work quite impressive and recommendable. "
Review taken from LinkedIn
"Nashmia worked with me on updating my resume and my LinkedIn profile recently. She is a thorough professional who converted a long interview with me into a resume that effectively communicates my strengths. She is a patient and attentive listener who highlighted my skills and abilities impeccably. She also followed up with me after the resume to ensure my satisfaction. I would recommend her writing services to anyone needing a resume refresh! Thank you for your help, CareerTuners! My resume looks great."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Lana Tartre
"I worked with Nashmia for my resume and LinkedIn profile content development needs. She converted a thorough, in-depth interview with me into a technically sound resume. One thing that I appreciated about her was her willingness to work around my schedule and schedule calls accordingly. She also created a resume that highlights my accomplishments and presents me as the best, most professional version of myself."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Muhammad Waseem
"Working with Nashmia was a true pleasure! She was friendly, prompt, conscientious, professional, and unbelievably thorough, and has a great sense of humor. I would recommend Nashmia to anyone who's looking to sharpen/update their resume, cover page, and of course their Linkedin profile, in my opinion, she is the best! I would be more than happy to speak to anyone, should you have that desire. "
Review taken from LinkedIn
Dudley J. Latham
"The resume I got from working with Nashmia earned me so much more engagement and interviews than I expected, and I just accepted and started in a new role that’s a great fit for the skills I knew I had. Nashmia, thank you again so much for all your help! This experience job hunting has been unlike any other in my career so far, and a lot of that is due to my work with you and your team. I will definitely be back next time I need to update my resume! "
Review taken from LinkedIn
"Fatima is an adept and meticulous resume designer. She recorded all my points and filtered the unnecessary items on my resume with a fine-tooth approach. A resume is an important part of a student's career and I am satisfied to have rendered the services of this professional here. It is my pleasure of recommending her for your resume dressing-up!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
Prithvi Puppala
"I recently got to work with Wafa Qamar to rewrite and redesign my resume for mechanical design engineer roles. I'm delighted with the service quality! She did a great job digging deeply into what I had accomplished and what I was looking for in y professional life. She also took extra effort following up weekly on my progress, investigated the keyword matched with my desired job's description. She was very patient with me since I was asking for changes every week. Wafa Qamar's skills in rewriting my resume changed my career drastically. Initially, I wondered about my application getting rejected for full-time opportunities. Now I have two full-time offers, and recruiters from fortune 500 companies are directly reaching out to me for scheduling interviews. Wafa Qamar uplifted my resume, and I will always be grateful to her for putting my career to the next level. She is very professional in what she does! She did an exceptional job."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Balajee Arun
"Fatemah was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was professional, efficient and went the extra mile to ensure that all of my questions and concerns were addressed as promptly as possible. I especially enjoyed our hour long interview and feel strongly that she was able to effectively communicate my professional experience with my resume. I highly recommend Fatemah to anyone looking to creating a resume that will help you stand out from the competition."
Review taken from Google
Jacie Prieto Lopez
"Fatemah is a fantastic writer and is an expert in the field of resumes and cover letters. She reviewed and edited my resume and in my opinion, improved it greatly."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Khaled Abdallah
"Fatemah is truly a rockstar at resumes. She had a chance to review my CV and with collaboration and excellent attention to detail on her part, she managed to help get all of my achievements and results on the forefront. I would highly recommend her for any future projects of mine and would hire her without a doubt!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
Michael A.
"I recently worked with Umema on my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile and I was extremely satisfied with the results. Umema was extremely professional and really dug deep to best sell my skills and qualifications to potential employers. I could not recommend her services and that of Career Tuners enough. A week after I received my completed documents, I heard back from a recruiter for a phone interview and have made several new connections on LinkedIn. Two months later, I started working a new job with a startup company. If you're seeking to take your resume to the next level, please do yourself a favor and reach out to Umema. You won't regret it!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
Leslly Navarro
"Indispensable! Her pro and prompt service is one of my best investments ever. Thanks Fatemah :)"
Review taken from LinkedIn
Aladdin T.
"Very professional and excellent Resume/Cover Letter writing. I highly recommend! Was done very quickly! As soon as the resume and cover letter were written for each job description i got 5 interviews per week! I also tips and help on how to do interviews in pdf form sent to me. I finally accepted the job position that was sent to me from the dream job within the last month.!!! I highly recommend using Career tuners for anyone wanting their dream job respectively! The prices are great as well."
Review taken from Google
Minhaj Din
"Umema is a consummate professional. Her expertise allowed me to gain invaluable insight into optimization, and the enormity of work she placed into enhancing my presence has already paid itself in dividends. I would highly recommend Umema to anyone who is hitting brick walls and seeking to improve their position."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Nate Kimball
"The quality of my resume and my LinkedIn profile, drafted by the CareerTuners team was top-notch. It instilled a lot of confidence in me to apply to the jobs I wanted to. The new version significantly improved the number of calls per week by recruiters for relevant Python Developer based positions and I have given several interviews since. Fatemah was also very accommodating with editing my resume with additional info whenever I needed. I've bugged her a lot lately asking for advice on interview preparations, compensation negotiations etc and she's been super helpful in replying back speedily. Her help has made a big difference to my job search and I'd recommend her to anyone who is facing difficulties with obtaining relevant job opportunities. Zunaira's edits on my resume and LinkedIn profile surely got me a lot of views from recruiters. I am now confident while applying to companies, knowing that my work interests, qualifications, and achievements are worded better in my applications. It was definitely a worthwhile investment and one of the best decisions of my career and I am very likely to recommend her to anyone finding it difficult to showcase themselves for better career opportunities. "
Review taken from LinkedIn
Cavin Dsouza
"I had a great experience working with Nashmia with my resume updates. She is very organized and prepared, asked me great series of questions not only helped with my resume update , but also prepared me with potential questions I might got asked during the actual interview. She will go extra mile to make the work happen, I had a supper short notice to have my resume updated , and Nashmia took the extra mile to make it happen. And the resume helped me got my dream job!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
Lucy Liu
"Fatemah is a professional she took my situation and made it sound creative enough to describe my in-depth skill. My working relationship through this process has been very professional and she is courteous and kept in constant contact with me through this process. I am grateful for her staff of experienced resume writers and Fatima Sohail profile gatherer she really took me serious and for that I say thank you. I would recommend Career Tuners for Professional Resume writing, LinkedIn profile updates and Career coaching for success in your industry."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Terrence Henderson
"I would like to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation for Rabia Sami's creating an amazing resume and providing valuable career advice. Rabia's attention to detail and expertise in crafting resumes is truly remarkable. She took the time to understand my skills, experiences, and career goals and translated them into a captivating document that highlights my strengths. Not only did Rabia make my resume amazing, but she also went above and beyond by helping me build a compelling LinkedIn profile and guiding me in connecting with influential professionals in my industry. Her dedication to my success and her proactive approach to networking has been instrumental in expanding my professional network and opening doors to new opportunities. I cannot thank Rabia enough for her invaluable support and guidance throughout this process. Her professionalism, knowledge, and genuine care for her clients are truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Rabia to anyone in need of resume assistance, career advice, and building a strong professional presence. She is an extraordinary professional who can truly make a positive impact on your career journey."
Review taken from Google
Khalid Alsuwadi
"Zunaira is a professional and an exceptional resume writer with a passion for helping others to reach their goals. During my appointment with her, she was very professional and asked industry specific questions, and designed the best version of my career story enabling me to stand out from the crowd and land the right dream job. I would recommend her to all seeking resume advice."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Anees Ayaz
"Zunaira is a delightful person to work with. She is not only very sweet to talk to, but also very professional at what she's doing. My resume surely looked more professional after her magic hands. Her edits on my resume have helped me get a lot more traction than before. More importantly, she made me realize what's in the center of hiring managers' interests and needs which helped me understand the recruitment process better and stand out with a strong profile. A big thank you to Zunaira!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
Jingning (Janet) Wang
"I recently availed the services of Careertuners for a much-needed revamp of my resume and LinkedIn profile. Their professionalism is exemplary. I was guided through the process with an initial consultation call, where a knowledgeable sales person recommended the services best suited to my career needs. One notable aspect of the service was the 2-hour consultation with Saad, a professional resume writer. He did an incredible job translating my experience and accomplishments into a compelling narrative. The final output was quite impressive, showcasing my career trajectory and expertise in the best possible light. Equally impressive was the thorough LinkedIn document Careertuners provided. They delivered a meticulously crafted profile that effectively showcased my professional journey and accomplishments. In sum, I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality of service and output delivered by Careertuners. Their understanding of the art of resume and LinkedIn profile creation is unparalleled. Highly recommended for anyone looking to give their professional image a significant boost."
Review taken from Google
Yoammy Pozo
"I am pleased to recommend Umema and her work to anyone looking to improve upon their resume. Among many of her impressive qualities, which I quickly picked up on, Umema is attentive, encouraging, thorough, thoughtful, and precise; in short, she really knows how to make you feel empowered about your talents, and make you and your experience shine! "
Review taken from LinkedIn
Suzanne M.
"I have come across Fatemah on LinkedIN. She sent me couple of tips and tricks on resume writing. I was very much interested in her services since I was looking for a job. Fatemah is someone , who is very easy to work with and approachable. Before I signed up with her services, she also did a free resume critique for me. She provided a lot of good feedback and explained to me what my resume was lacking. She also fixed my LinkedIN profile as well. As for the process, it was very easy. She interviewed me for 90 minutes over the phone, asked all the right questions in terms of what i had done in the projects. Within a week, my resume was ready. I was so impressed how she articulated everything that i had done in my projects. I started to get noticed more on LinkedIN by recruiters and was almost getting calls every day. I also got a job within first month after i started firing my resume. I would highly recommend Fatemah's services to anyone , not only she knows what she is doing, she is someone who is easy to work with. "
Review taken from LinkedIn
Esra Aydar
"Fatemah runs an amazing operation - delivering immediately usable output that conveys erudition. As a wordsmith, I find myself in awe of the striking presentation done by her awesome team. I owe Fatemah a changed perception - as her output has "upped my game" to operate at the level I see myself at - through better presentation. I appreciate the fact that she/her team worked with me, (which cannot be put to value,) across a transition that I was uncertain how best to convey. I remain indebted for the timely push I've received in working with Fatemah, and am proud to add my voice to the chorus of professionals recommending her and her team's business services."
Review taken from LinkedIn
AZ Zaidi
"CareerTuners is amazing! I chose them over a few other ones due to the cost, service and professionalism they showed during the investigative process. Once I begun working with them, the whole process is not rushed, they are patient and very responsive. I worked with Saira to update my resume and LinkedIn profile. She made sure to take whatever time it took to pull all the information about myself until she had enough. Saira was very thorough in her approach and when the finish products came out it was definitely a winner! Once I started using the new resume it was night and day, I definitely got more hits and opportunities for the initial screen interviews which led to 2nd and 3rd rounds interviews. Remember it is an investment that you make in order to improve your position and CareerTuners will get you there in no time. Thank you to the CareerTuners team!"
Review taken from Google
Jeff Quan
"Nashmia did a tremendous job with my resume. She is patient, willing to dig deep to find out what skills were in play and takes her time to put out the best possible resume for her clients. I am very happy with the work Nashmia has done to help me out with my job search. I feel very confident that I would be able to obtain multiple opportunities in my field. Kudos to her!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
Kazim Jafri, MPA
"I have been working with CareerTuners since 2017 and have come back to them multiple times for updating my Resume, LinkedIn, and Cover Letter. Each time, they delivered exceptional results and I am still amazed at how they can pack 17 years of experience into one document in such a streamlined and seamless manner, highlighting all major accomplishments along with proofs. Their services helped me enter a wonderful organization of my choice. Most recently, I got to work with Gul from their expert team of career coaches and resume writers. She did a wonderful job at updating my Resume and LinkedIn. CareerTuners is my go-to place for whenever I need any help in furthering my career goals."
Review taken from Google
Tom Gilje
Logistics Management Executive
"Nashmia did an outstanding job writing my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. I've had a number of resume writers in my career, and I have never had a finished product as well written as these documents. Nashmia is creative, professional, an excellent communicator, and an exceptional writer. I highly recommend CareerTuners. Thanks so much for the finished product."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Robert Romley
"Fatima Sohail assisted me with interview coaching that resulted in me getting a job promotion within my company. Fatima was very direct and also offered precise feedback for improvement. I would recommend Fatima for her interview coaching skills since nailing an interview is one of the key aspects of landing a position.
Moreover, I used CareerTuners' resume writing, linkedIn profile makeover and 2 interview coaching services in 2017. I must say that the services were worth the money I spent on them. Fatemah's team is full of dedicated and thorough professionals that truly assist you to advance in your career by providing the right tools and support. I strongly recommend Fatemah's CareerTuners services for anyone looking to get a stronger lead on their career."
Review taken from LinkedIn and Google
Meena Ansari
"Fatemah Mirza worked diligently with me to create a resume that truly captures my accomplishments and captures my professional story. I recommend her services to all. It will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Agnes Campbell
"Having Wareesha assist me with writing my resume was such a enjoyable and lovely experience. To this day, she is so kind and insightful whenever we converse. Thanks to her help on my resume, I got a position in my desired career path with my dream company. I couldn't imagine a better person to help me. I am so thankful to have worked with you and now call you a friend, Wareesha."
Review taken from LinkedIn
Renee R.
"I have worked with Fatima over the past year to get my resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter revamped as well as get interview coaching. I must say my experience has been very smooth so far. Fatima's response time is exceptional. She collaborates closely to move you through your job search process. Using the resume Fatima I prepared, I landed multiple interviews for my target roles. I would recommend them to anyone struggling with making a career transition or moving up the ladder."
Review taken from LinkedIn and Google
Hugh Scoggins
"I have been looking for technical specific work for a while. I needed a professional to look over my resume and make sure that it looks great. Fatemah looked over my resume and made changes and thus far I have been getting favorable response with it. I believe, she can work her magic on almost any resume. If any of you are having trouble getting your message across maybe it's time to turn to her. She can start you off on the right page. "
Review taken from LinkedIn
Arif Shaikh
Sales Support
"With Mishal's help, I was able to quickly get a new job with her resume services! She writes amazing resumes and knows how to customize resumes for specific job postings; I highly recommend giving her a shot if you want to find success in finding a new job. I also really appreciated how she converted our informational interviews into meaningful cover letters as well!"
Review taken from LinkedIn
Lyyte Faridi
"To quote the late Tina Turner: Career Tuners is simply “THE BEST.” Professionalism, cutting-edge practices, communicative support, excellent client service, and profound VALUE are exactly what you will receive and more when you partner with Career Tuners and their personalized, tailored, career growth services. To be honest, I had actually tried two other resume services in the past few years. Unfortunately, both left me with very clunky CVs that I had to completely rewrite on my own and neither company offered any rewrites, further assistance, nor a guiding light in the modern, algorithmically-driven submission process that is now standard. Much worse, these services also didn’t offer any additional paid communication, resources, or educational models for navigating the modern job markets, especially for specialized industries such as my own (music/entertainment). This left me hesitant to try another service again, but wow, am I SO glad that I found Career Tuners! First: I purchased a package that included resume/cover letter rewrite, Linked In profile update (which is genius!), and interview coaching. It was REALLY fantastic to be able to pick & choose which services I actually needed vs being forced to pay for all-inclusive deals or just a resume/cover letter… which seems to be the norm for other companies that I researched before choosing Career Tuners. Second: I have not encountered such dedicated, professional, cutting edge, and just plain friendly and caring persons to work with when purchasing online digital services. The specific writer & coach that I was privileged to be paired with, Gul, has been absolutely outstanding in every way. I cannot offer nearly enough positive feedback in regards to her dedication and assistance in crafting my career story. I’m a marketer and publicist, which means that I write a lot, so it’s very important to me that my resume also reflect an excellent command of language and thoughtfulness. Gul’s creative and spot-on, brilliant writing talents completely blew me away. I was beyond impressed with her work, not only because of her sophisticated level of professionalism, but her warm, supportive, and knowledgeable demeanor immediately conveyed an aura of strength and trust - which is also a necessity when sharing your own life path, history, failures, hopes, and goals. Gul is such an active and attentive listener, which emphasizes her depth of care, her unique ingenuity, and her level of invested client support. Third: After the interview coaching session that I completed with Gul, I was astounded by the amount of information and pointed experience that she guided and imparted to me. I knew that I needed help to improve my interview skills and was open to be educated, especially since I normally stumbled my way through them without much success. However, I feel that after Gul’s honest coaching, feedback and authentic, personalized suggestions, I am now armed with a more confident, balanced conversational style that emphasizes positive, results-oriented examples of self-representation. For once, I’m actually looking forward to interviews because I now have a wonderful toolkit comprised of powerful, sharpened tools instead of a dusty pocket of nervous, blunt hammers! Finally: I could not be more thrilled with Gul as well as her colleagues Fatemah, Annie, & Visha, whom I also communicated with at Career Tuners. I’ve already told a few colleagues about your wonderful services and I hope that this honest and completely unbiased review also allows more people to discover just how excellent and necessary your services are - more than ever - in our increasingly competitive, digitally oriented, highly individualized job marketplace. Thank you again, Gul and Career Tuners, for revamping my professional footprint so that I can approach (and achieve) my dream career with a depth of confidence and energy that I previously never thought possible. PS: I also suggest to follow CEO Fatemah Mirza on Linked In/Insta as she sends out awesome tips & advice that are totally useful! 💯!"
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Tiina Teal