"Most resume editing services online (even popular ones) tend to be computerized because of the volume of work they receive, so your resume likely has never been seen by a human and will be edited to a template without any real personal attention. With CareerTuners you are assured 1 on 1 personal attention and a quick turnaround time!"
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Kutibh Chihabi
"She has skills and advise that are top notch. She provides services for things that other folks could easily add on as charges. She takes out time to answer your questions and concerns. They really give you an in depth resume. From my own experience with Fatemah and what she brings to the table.... She helps you establish a direction... you have to choice to make the effort and walk down it. Have fair expectations! A combination of things help you in your search."
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Abdullah Rashidi
"Zuha was amazing in helping me out. Before I met here I had 4 professional resume writers and they could not get my resume done in less than 4 pages. Obviously, I have been doing a lot the last 30 years and just too much information to understand and obtained. Zuha actually had about 4 to5 consultations with me and then did my resume. She nailed it the first time and got it sone to 2 pages and I got great compliments on my resume and asked me who wrote it. I wasted over $1,000 in other resume writers and got nothing out of it. With Zuha I at least feel I got my money's worth and she even helped me with LinkedIn and we are soon going to do some coaching classes for interviews. I must say she is not the least expensive but she is well worth it."
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Ernest Panza
"I am a graduate student and I was actively looking for full-time opportunities. Though my skills were matching 100% with the job description I was not getting any calls. Though we have good experience in some technology, we cannot articulate it. Fatima helped me in articulating those skills and experience. She focused on my relevant skills and streamlined my resume to prove my result oriented approach. Now, I am getting 2 times more interview calls than before. Working with Fatima was a really good experience. Her communication skills and effective writing impressed me. I will highly recommend Fatima for her resume writing services."
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Akshay Chandrachood
"I have worked with Fatima and CareerTuners since 2019 and found their resume-writing services exceptional. During this time, I landed two new roles using the resume Fatima prepared for me and recently returned to get my resume optimized for my latest accomplishments. As soon as I started applying using my latest resume, I landed my target role, and that too with double the salary offer from what I was making already. I guarantee you will get results from Fatima's close consultation and guidance and I highly recommend her if you are looking to level up your job search and outreach."
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Ray Crabtree
"Absolutely amazing work. I have tried other resume writers before this one and this is the only one that was worth it so far!"
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"Fatima is absolutely wonderful and a genius resume writer. Resume preparation done by her got me 2 diff jobs, and many other interviews, in a very tight competitive environment. Thank you so much for helping me get where I am today. One of the interviewees said that "in 40 years, this is the best resume and full packet he's ever seen."
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Gurveer Chhokar
"I was fortunate to have Zunaira help me revise my resume, her personalized approach made our collaboration effortless and enjoyable. The undertaking was a complete success because I was able to interview for an opportunity as a Business Agent; consequently, I had been pursuing this milestone for two years. To make a long story short, I was selected for the position and I couldn't be happier. Without Zunaira's assistance, I don't think I would have gotten a call for an interview; moreover, she is a true professional and I can recommend her devoid of any reservations!"
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Kentorris Hodges
"I worked with Fatima and Rabia when I started my job search process in the commercial real estate arena and found their resume-writing services exceptional. Throughout the process, I was involved in a collaborative relationship, resulting in an end product that accurately represented my personal brand. The resume that Fatima and Rabia revamped for me landed me my dream role in the commercial industry. I highly recommend CareerTuners if you are looking to level up your job search and outreach."
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Jawad Fawaz
"A few months ago, I invested in your resume editing service and it was truly the best $100 dollars that I have ever spent! After months of consistently job hunting, I recently landed my ideal position. I was competing against one other candidate and it was a very very close call. After three interviews, both of our resumes were forwarded to the Senior Director to make a final decision and she preferred mine. She mentioned that that it was very professionally structured and she loved the format! I wanted to relay this message to you in order to express my gratitude for your services at CareerTuners! I appreciate all of your helpful tips and tricks and will definitely refer you to those in my network. Thank you so much:)"
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"Rabia was incredible in vastly improving my resume and my LinkedIn profile that was optimized for ATS. She spent a long time speaking with me regarding my experiences and she was able to quantify them and highlight relevant experience as required for the positions I was looking for. I began to receive calls for interviews within weeks of updating my resume and I accepted my dream position within 2 months after obtaining this service. Rabia is easy to talk to and genuinely interested in helping you securing you your dream job. I highly recommend Rabia and careertuners!"
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Pranav Karanth
"I have had a very unconventional work history, and so my resume needed a lot of work to highlight my talents and accomplishments. I was looking for a job, and using my old resume that I created from templates on my own wasn't getting me any responses. I used the services of Maryam and now my resume looks very professional and reflects my specific skills and work talents in a way that is attractive for employers, and for the ATS screening process. Maryam was very thorough with the interview with me, and was definitely on top of the follow up- I never once felt like this was just a one and done resume edit. I really appreciate the help as now I have a role in a job that is perfect for me right now!"
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Arthur AJ Johansen
"I had my resume developed by Maryam Khan, who streamlined the whole process for me by providing consistent support. During the information-gathering call, she asked thought-provoking questions and went the extra mile to understand the technical aspect of my work; she was able to uncover a lot of my professional accomplishments. The resume she wrote reflected my expertise and the depth of my career. I would recommend Maryam’s services to anyone looking to get their resume optimized."
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"Zunaira took the time to review all my work, my old resume and research specific jobs I was looking for to make my resume well rounded and stand out amongst others. Thanks to her help I was able to get call backs quickly and even land my dream role."
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Andrew Pinto
"Umema did a great job helping me through a total resume revamp. At the outset, I liked that when LinkedIn made the connection, Umema’s first contact with me already contained feedback about my profile. It wasn’t just an automated general script. She then takes the time to understand my experience and goals, and conducted a deep dive interview the flesh out a new resume for me. Most importantly it got results. I applied to two positions and was invited to interview for both, and each company commented on the resume being very helpful for them to understand my experience. One company ultimately made an offer which I accepted. The prices for the resume work were competitive and paid off quickly with a new offer."
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"Gul did a fabulous job recreating my professional resume and CV. She made my resume stand out and everything was succinct together-my cover letter, resume, CV, and LinkedIn profile. Resume writing services will help you get a leg up in the age of computer-screened resumes. Machine learning and automated scans can discard your resume before a real human even sees it. It’s crucial that your professional resume showcases your unique skills and experiences while also emphasizing why you’d make a great employee. More than ever, your resume needs to be written to make you stand out - to both humans and computers. She is a top-notch professional resume writer who is always up to date on the latest trends in the industry. Most of these companies will begin as resume review services and you can get started with a free review, but they offer various packages to help you complete your resume, cover letter, and even LinkedIn profile. I highly recommend Gul and her services that are offered in the package."
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Kristal Ross