Sabine Bejori

I had the chance to work with CareerTuners recently. Their ability to understand my goals and provide insightful feedback and direction was invaluable. They were helpful, patient, and really understood how to craft the story I wanted to tell. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

Bryan Koyano

Simply the best value when it comes to resume writing and profile development. The CareerTuners team provided expert recommendations on my resume and LinkedIn profile. I experienced an immediate response rate increase. I really appreciate their professional approach and solid insights. CareerTuners is the Pro and I would highly recommend reaching out to them to accelerate your job search endeavor.

Michael Mayher

Over the years I have developed many contacts in my recruiting work and as a result of my writing and lecturing. CareerTuners are one of the most proactive professionals I have encountered in a long time. In a market sector that can cause some people to become jaded and numb to the needs of the individual, they are a powerful, positive force – energetic and results driven. I highly recommend their services.

Gábor Paulusz

I emailed CareerTuners my resume for some feedback. They responded within a day with a lot of concrete suggestions for improvement.
I’ll keep in touch with them for sure.

Sarah Haque

CareerTuners provided a lot of great tips about improving my resume and I greatly appreciate their help.

Benny Bravo

The CareerTuners team listens to your story and are able to skillfully draft your journey in writing. They know exactly where your hidden potential is and how to showcase it. I was very impressed with the results and their knowledge.
They are very professional and I would recommend their services to anyone trying to take their resume to the next level.

Syed Abbas

CareerTuners did an excellent job in writing my resume I am very pleased with the work they have done for me.

Rob Minnick

CareerTuners was great to work with as they were available when needed; making recommendations and edits within 24 hrs.
Their work was fantastic and done in a professional manner.

Sigurd Enghoff

I hired CareerTuners to assist with an overhaul of my resume.
They handled the assignment very professionally and they are exceptionally clear and responsive in their communication.

Yama Achikzai

CareerTuners’ critique of my resume was insightful, thorough, and very thoughtful.
They pointed out mistakes I had made and suggested improvements.
I am much more confident in my resume now.
I highly recommend CareerTuners; you won’t be disappointed.