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If you struggle to communicate your worth and get interviews, try our premium resume writing service.
Our clients’ average job search span is 2.8 months – 60% less than the national average.
Are you sick of the rejections – or worse – the silence after applying to jobs?

Three possible reasons why your resume isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Your resume:

  • is not optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).
  • does not sharply focus on the field you are hoping to work in.
  • hints at “red flags” in your candidacy, like employment gaps or changing industries.

We can help!
We have 10 years of experience helping ambitious professionals like you land their dream jobs.

Our resume writing best practices have been approved by more than 3000 recruiters. Try us out!

Your new resume will:

Be ATS-compatible

Align with your target jobs

Be keyword-optimized

Highlight your biggest strengths

Hook recruiters

Slow down careless skimmers

Make a powerful first impression

Seamlessly cover perceived "red flags"

Included with our resume writing service:

Detailed information-gathering call

One-week turnaround

Unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied

One-day turnaround for revisions

Networking and outreach templates

Monthly 15-minute consulting calls until you get the job

Unlimited support via email

How our resume writing service works

Information-Gathering Call

  • Tell us about the roles you are interested in and schedule your call.
  • Before our call with you, we spend six to eight hours studying your online presence, your history, and the companies you are most interested in.
  • Speak to an expert in your field about your history. We’ll talk about issues with your job search process, your previous history, the problems you solved, the opportunities you capitalized on, and your best skills.

Resume Writing

  • We work on your materials and run them through rigorous internal quality control checks before sending everything to you.
  • Your customer success manager will continue following up with you with additional resources and advice until you get a good offer. If you require edits or clarification, your resume writer will continue working with you until you’re 100% satisfied.
  • We will circulate your resume in our recruiter network if you like.

Landing a job that pays $80,000/year just a week sooner can mean $1537 more in your pocket.
Don’t let opportunities pass you by.
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Our turnaround is five business days. If you need your cover letter sooner, check out our rush delivery option.


Our Customer Success Manager will continue reaching out to you on a monthly basis for free consultation calls until you receive an offer that interests you. The average job search length for our clients is 2.8 months, while the national average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is seven months.

A study found that 60% of HR managers consider resume customization the number one thing that job seekers can do to boost their candidacy. Your industry expert will align your professional history with your target job requirements to establish you as a strong candidate.

While we can, in most cases, we recommend against that. Trying to incorporate the different needs of multiple types of jobs can land your resume in the reject pile.

For example, would you rather hire an I’ve-done-this-all-my-life expert for a project, or someone who does dozens of things?

Focused resumes simply perform better.

If you’d like to apply to two different fields of specialization (e.g. sales and project management), we can put together a second version for you.

While most of our clients are ecstatic with their resumes, edits are not a problem at all. We can either make the edits with you over the phone or do it ourselves and send you fresh drafts.

Please let us know what time you’re available and we’ll be happy to sit down with you and discuss what changes you need to make.

We are a small team of skilled professionals from various industries who are certified in writing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. We have been helping ambitious job seekers for 10 years. Our expert writers also provide career and job search coaching.

Many resume writing firms rely on a questionnaire to gather information from their clients. Most of our clients struggle to write well about themselves, so we don’t make them write to give us information; instead, we have a detailed information-gathering call, which feels like you’re speaking to a colleague about work.

Additionally, the writer you will be paired with has worked with a number of professionals in industry roles; this ensures that your cover letter speaks to your reader’s key hiring need.

Furthermore, you’ll work with a client success manager. After you receive your cover letter, if you need any changes made or if your job search isn’t going as anticipated, we’ll work with you one-on-one until your response improves. We’ll also be following up with you at least once a month to make sure your search is going well. If it’s not, we’ll give you resources free of charge to support you. We’ll continue following up with you until you get an offer that you are interested in.

What our clients have to say

My previous resumes were not getting much traction, but after sending in a resume that CareerTuners helped craft for C level jobs, a hiring organization responded to my application within an hour! In another such instance, I got told by a recruiter before the interview process was even over that I have a 90+% chance of landing the job because of my strong resume.

Farhan Mahmoud
C-Level Consultant

… I had been pursuing this milestone for two years. To make a long story short, I was selected for the position and I couldn’t be happier. Without CareerTuners’ assistance, I don’t think I would have gotten a call for an interview.

Kentoris Hodges
C-Level Consultant

… As soon as I received [resume and cover letter] help, my interview rates more than doubled. I was then able to overcome the interview jitters.

Abdo Babukr
Advanced Systems Engineer

Resume preparation done by CareerTuners got me two different jobs, and many other interviews, in a very tight competitive environment… One of the interviewees said that “in 40 years, this is the best resume and full packet he’s ever seen.”

Gurveer Chhokar
Director of Cardiopulmonary and Radiology Services

… Thanks to CareerTuners’ help, I was able to get call backs quickly and even land my dream role.

Andrew Pinto
Construction Engineer

… CareerTuners’ edits on my resume have helped me get a lot more traction than before.

Jingning Wang
Technical Program Manager

As someone whose resume was getting tossed and receiving no replies, CareerTuners helped me a great deal by patiently and professionally discussing every aspect of my career with me and writing a well-formatted, insightful resume that is now more marketable and receiving much more consideration from potential employers. I truly believe that I would not have had the interview opportunities I had if it weren’t for their dedication and time!

Asad Ahmed
Data Analyst

Now prestigious companies are reaching out to me for interviews.

Alisher Siddikov
Data Scientist

CareerTuners really transformed my resume in a way I could showcase my experience to the top engineering companies. As a result, I have been getting contacted from recruiters for positions at Intel, IBM, Facebook, and many other top engineering companies.

Mo Tahir
Hardware Design & Integration Engineer

The quality of my resume and my LinkedIn profile, drafted by the CareerTuners team was top-notch. The new version significantly improved the number of calls per week by recruiters for relevant Python Developer based positions and I have given several interviews since.

Cavin Dsouza
Data Integration Engineer

During my appointment with CareerTuners, they were very professional and asked industry-specific questions, and designed the best version of my career story, enabling me to stand out from the crowd and land the right dream job.

Anees Ayaz
Investment Performance Consultant.

CareerTuners was very quick with the turnaround time. The final resume was fantastic and helped me land my current job.

Umang Vanjara
Senior Development Manager, Intuit

I got five invitations for internship interviews after launching my edited resume.

Tho A. Huynh
Manufacturing Engineer

… My resume has actually been landing me interviews. Thank you, CareerTuners!

Matthew Cadena
Operations Manager

Though my skills were matching 100% with the job description I was not getting any calls… CareerTuners helped me in articulating my skills and experience… Now, I am getting more interview calls than before.

Akshay Chandrachood
Senior Software Developer

Just wanted to update my prior recommendation—the resume I got from CareerTuners earned me so much more engagement and interviews than I expected, and I just accepted and started in a new role that’s a great fit for the skills I knew I had.

Theresa Bruckner
Senior Financial Crimes Manager

The moment CareerTuners rewrote my resume, I started being noticed within hours of applying for positions.

Patrick Mwanza
Cybersecurity Leadership

My resume] also helped me tackle the job hunt process during these unprecedented times with unfettered confidence and, as a result, I recently landed my new management role at Amazon!

Debra Gonzales
Operations Manager

CareerTuners’ process yielded a world class resume that in several weeks time has dramatically increased employer traffic and interest in my brand.

Floyd Edwards
Plant Manager

CareerTuners did a great job helping me through a total resume revamp. At the outset, I liked that when LinkedIn made the connection, CareerTuner’s first contact with me already contained feedback about my profile. It wasn’t just an automated general script. They then took the time to understand my experience and goals, and conducted a deep dive interview the flesh out a new resume for me. Most importantly, it got results. I applied to two positions and was invited to interview for both, and each company commented on the resume being very helpful for them to understand my experience. One company ultimately made an offer which I accepted. The prices for the resume work were competitive and paid off quickly with a new offer.

Colin Ager
Procurement Operations Manager
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