Resume Writing Service

More than 2000 people that came across this page were in your shoes once. 

They felt undervalued and underutilized. But with our resume writing service, they were able to land roles that helped them reclaim their sense of pride and fulfillment. And so can you.

Maybe you’re like most of our clients:

  • You’ve spent years building up your experience.
  • You’ve spent years learning new skills and growing professionally.
  • You’ve picked yourself up after setbacks and continued in the face of adversity.

    The only thing that you need to do now is to put your career building blocks together in a way that compels the most sought-after companies, like some of the ones our clients currently work at:

Let’s see if there are any gaps in the way your story is being told.

  • Is your resume articulating your true worth?
  • Is your resume making a convincing case for that job that you know you are perfectly qualified for?
  • Are you getting interviews for jobs that you know will make you fall in love with work again? 
  • Are you getting offers that align with your financial goals?

If you answered “no” to these questions, your resume may need to be redone.

"I was quite nervous about hiring someone to help re-work my resume. How do you know in advance if the results will be delivered? My concerns were alleviated soon. CareerTuners helped me imagine a different way to tell the story of who I am professionally, and I feel much more confident in my job search now.”
Jennifer Brooks

Invest in our professional resume writing service here to put your best foot forward for your dream role.

Four possible reasons why your resume isn’t getting the attention it deserves:

The job search process can add a lot to your already full plate. 

Maybe you’ve already spent hours trying to match your history with the job descriptions you’re reading.

Maybe you’re sick of the conflicting and confusing feedback from well-meaning friends.

How are people with similar backgrounds able to get the “good” jobs while you keep tossing and turning at night, dreading the ringing of your alarm clock, anyway?

By this point, you might be scratching your head, looking at your resume. “Is this experience even worth mentioning? Am I representing myself properly? How do I ‘re-translate’ this in a way that makes sense?”

Or maybe you’re just too tired to even focus on your job search!


You are NOT the problem.

The problem isn’t with your background or skills.
You check all the boxes, right?
There is one box that remains to be checked.

How can you check that final box on your list?

Our professional resume writers and career coaches will help you capture your experiences and skills in your resume in a way that ticks off all the boxes on your next boss’s checklist.

You bring your experience, skills, and passion. Our certified resume writers will bring decades of resume writing expertise to make your resume shine. 


Once you have checked off all the boxes, all you have to do is show up for your interviews.

“I do not have enough words to express my appreciation for CareerTuners, especially Fatemah Mirza. Because of their hard work, I secured a dream job as a supervisor four months after graduating. 🙂 Once again, thank you, thank you, and thank you!”
Emmanuel Obando

1. No templates, ever. You will have a profile that perfectly captures “YOU” which means never having an “uuuuuh” moment in an interview ever again.

2. ATS-compliant resume, that’s also easy for people to read, which means no more resume black hole. You don’t have to worry about paying for templates that scramble up your resume.

3. A chance to work with a resume-writing expert who is also a certified career coach AND an interview coach. We know the job market in and out. Your resume will be optimized to set you up for success at every single step of the process.

4. Information-gathering call with someone who specializes in serving clients from your field. You don’t have to write anything at all or dumb anything down for us; we speak your language and use the right keywords. We’ll strike the right balance between the technical and non-technical parts of your resume.

5. A boost in confidence when you have all your success stories pointed out to you. Our clients perform better during their interviews because all their successes are fresh in their minds.

6. Unlimited follow-ups after delivery; this is not a one-and-done service. You can update your customer success manager on how things are going and get custom advice for your situation, experience, AND personality. This allows for rapid course correction. You don’t have to second guess yourself.

7. A great resume that captures you, your successes, and your wins to create a strong first impression on a reader. You can use this to build a brag sheet that you can take into your walk-in interviews, continuing the strong impression you’ve built.

Our seasoned writers have helped thousands of job seekers like you hunt their dreams and realize their true potential throughout our journey.

“With CareerTuners' help, I was able to attract my new employer via LinkedIn and DOUBLE my salary!!! I look forward to working with CareerTuners as my career expands."
Donnie Adams

Our expertise runs wide and deep. Our writers know what works and what doesn’t work at every single step of the job market. Your resume is created from scratch building on this level of expertise and keeping all the next steps in mind. 

But resume writing isn’t the only thing our writers are certified in. Our expertise in addition to resume writing, LinkedIn, and cover letters, includes:

  •     Helping people figure out which career path will result in more fulfillment.
  •     Coaching leaders on pursuing projects that build up their portfolio.
  •     Interview coaching – unfortunately, a lot of our clients unknowingly overshare and pigeonhole themselves. We help them better position themselves.
  •     Salary negotiation that will help you turn those lowball offers around.
  •     Applying to jobs for our clients – we use all the platforms that job seekers use every day, so our work is always relevant.

Our goal with your resume is to not only help you land an interview but also an offer that you are happy to accept.

Our Process Details

Here is how our process works once you sign up:

1. Call Scheduling

You'll be redirected to our call scheduling page.

2. Information Gathering

We'll speak to you about your experience at the appointed time for about 90 minutes. We will also go over the sort of work you'd like to do to ensure there is no gap between the two. Most people struggle to write well about themselves, instead, you'll have a detailed information-gathering call, which will feel like you're speaking to a colleague about work. We don't use any questionnaires.

3. Information Processing

We'll use the information you share with us over the call to create your resume from scratch, as well as supplementary materials that you might want to add on, like your LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and brag sheet.

4. Deployment

You’ll have all the documents that you purchased within a week of your information-gathering call.

5. Revisions

After you receive your materials, if you need any changes made or if your job search isn't going as anticipated, we'll work with you one-on-one until your response improves. We will also be following up with you at least once a month to make sure your search is going well. If it's not, we’ll give you resources free of charge to support you.

6. Resume Distribution

We are connected to recruiters in nearly every industry in nearly every state in the US. After we're done with the resume, we will also be sharing it with them in case they have something interesting that is in line with your strengths -- of course, after seeking your permission. We are connected with recruiters from America's top recruitment firms, such as Lucas Group, Boyden, Barbachano International, and Robert Half.

You CAN get here just like hundreds of your fellow job seekers did

Our Price?

Our resume writing service costs $600 or you can pay in installments. 

Here’s the value our clients see on average: 

These extra four months represent $50,000 in wages for our clients that are aiming for jobs that pay $150,000.

TRY us out for FREE

If you’d like to see how we can improve your resume, upload your resume here for a free, detailed critique.

Our experts will tell you exactly what needs to change to get you a better job.

A gift from us to YOU as a part of our mission to help seekers like you — In addition to a five-star resume, you will get the following as a gift to help you with your job search

  • Networking lessons
  • Outreach templates (including thank-you notes)
  • Unlimited customization for roles similar to your target roles
  • Tips on customizing your resume
  • Detailed guides on interview and salary negotiation mistakes
  • Free 15-minute monthly consultation calls with you
  • Sharing your resume with recruiters to create visibility for your application
  • Unlimited email support. Just email us any time you have a question about your job search, whether you’re stuck on an interview question or are unsure how to follow up with someone
  • Advising you on your interview scripts via email
“Worth every dollar. I made a career change from pharmacy to tech and CareerTuners not only provided me expedited service, but the quality of their work is also TOP notch. I have several other experiences with resume writers but IMHO, this group exceeds expectations at every level. You truly helped me redefine the trajectory of my second career and also empowered me to put myself out there.”
Diana Lee

Because of the one-on-one, time-intensive nature of our services, we only take a few clients each week.