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Need help writing a winning personal statement?

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We have helped clients get admission with scholarships to

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How our personal statement coaching works:

Three draft exchanges purchased:

  • Step #1 — Let’s have a brainstorming call to discuss your strengths, career, and your goals after you graduate. We’ll talk about how we can tie that in with what the admission committee is looking for.
  • Step #2 — Structural editing and critique: Send us your essay, the essay prompt, and a detailed resume (or your college application). To elevate the thematic focus of your essay, draw more attention to your strengths, and align your story with what application committees are looking for, we’ll add detailed questions with examples.
  • Step #3 — Your turn: Ignoring the word count, add more detail based on the questions we ask you.
  •  Step #4 — Repeat steps 1 and 2 twice.
  • Step #5 — Final polish: we’ll edit your writing to make sure that every single word is as powerful as it can be and that you meet the word limit without taking away any of your essay’s punch.
    You can expect each draft within two business days.

Be Memorable. Get Accepted.

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What others are saying

Fatemah is FANTASTIC! She took my high school son through multiple revisions of his Ivy League application essays and without heavy-handed editing taught him to search within himself to find what he was trying to say and write. She could charge much more than she does but it is obvious from her work that she loves what she is doing and is more interested in helping people than anything else.


I will recommend CareerTuners to anyone. I emailed them regarding assistance with an essay and they offered their ideas. Months later, I was awarded the scholarship for college.

Myrian Barbin

Fatemah played a pivotal role in my gaining acceptance to THREE US MD medical schools.
The first time I applied to medical schools, I didn’t have any acceptances.

The second time I applied, I reached out to Fatemah for assistance. Fatemah is fantastic with not only providing clear guidance on how to write a stand-out essay but also with having a fast turn-around (<24 hours) on her edits.

When I gave my completed personal statement to a physician, he had a glowing review. Fatemah was the major reason why I was able to convey how I would contribute uniquely to the medical field.

Rachelle Ann Gonzales
Harvard Medical School

Fatemah is nothing short of a lifesaver. She clears even the smallest doubts you have, motivates you to come up with ideas when you have given up, and comes up with a GEM out of all the garbage you throw at her. I was skeptical when she told me all she needed was a week when I had come up with naught after a month, and yet, here I am, five days later, confident of my essay and its prospects in the war for residency.

Swaroop Shanker
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine