Stop Firefighting.

Instead, start saving your creative energy and mental space to actually innovate and do the really cool, fun projects that will boost your job satisfaction, get you promoted, and beef up your resume.

Transform yourself into a high-impact leader with our one-on-one leadership coaching program!

Don’t waste hours going through cheaper pre-recorded video programs or cookie-cutter self-improvement worksheets that give generic leadership advice and leave you on your own to figure out how it applies to your situation. Instead, work one-on-one with our leadership coach who will advise you through your unique circumstances and give you solutions that are tailored for you.

Let’s take a quick quiz to see if you need a leadership coach. Count how many boxes you can check off:


If you checked off three or more boxes, you probably feel like you stopped growing in your career.

You are feeling stuck in your current position, but you know you’re capable of way more. Your leaders, on the other hand, may not feel the same way about you. Perhaps you know you can lead, but your resume doesn’t say “leader,” so your boss isn’t taking you seriously. Maybe you lack the confidence to ask for a promotion. Or worse, you have no idea what your boss considers “promotion material.”

You’re not getting what you need to succeed, whether it’s high-visibility projects, mentorship, or accountability. We’ll teach you how to negotiate for that. We’ll show you how to get taken more seriously.

If you checked off five or more boxes, you probably feel overworked, yet totally unaccomplished.

Everything you learned before is not helping you at your new job. You may be leading others but your priorities have wildly shifted, leaving you floundering. On top of it all, you are burnt out solving issues for your team. You have no time or mental capacity to work on the innovative ideas that excited you before.

The worst part of all of this is the anxiety you feel about your job. It makes you feel overwhelmed and not in control. You feel you are going above and beyond at work. Yet, it seems like neither your team nor the leadership is happy with you.

We can teach you how to gain your team’s trust while drawing respectful boundaries. You’ll also learn to manage your demanding boss so that you have the creative space to achieve high-priority projects.

Basically, we’ll help you find joy in your work again.

Through one-on-one leadership coaching, we will help you address leadership challenges that fall under the areas of:

  • Team Morale & Communication
  • Drawing Boundaries
  • Office Culture Development
  • How to Stop Firefighting
  • Preventing Leadership Burnout
  • Toxic Corporate Relationships
  • Process Constraints and Red Tape
  • Change Management from Top to Bottom
  • Workload & Workflow Management
  • Performance Management

Stop Firefighting Case Study #1:
Team morale improvement

Stop Firefighting Case Study #2:
Team management improvement

Stop Firefighting Case Study #3:
Individual performance management

Our process:

  • Session 1: Speak to our expert leadership coach about what kind of headaches you are facing at work – what’s hurting your growth and satisfaction?
  • Session 2: Talk through your goals and create action plans for your pain points based on the urgency of the situation. Develop weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals to achieve your objectives.
  • Session 3: Discuss the specific problems you faced as you began practicing your learnings. Receive up-to-the-minute feedback and advice.
  • Session 4: Continue implementing, evaluating, and readjusting your plans with your coach’s help and feedback.

Stop Firefighting Coaching

1. Four 60-minutes one-to-one coaching sessions
2. BONUS: Get one extra session for every 5 fully paid sessions (6 hours of coaching for $2500)
3. Personality & leadership assessment
4. Networking course
5. Lifetime email coaching and support
6. Session recordings
7. Free Resume & LinkedIn video


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