Stop wasting your time applying for online job portals. Let us apply for you!

Are you…

  • Actively applying for jobs but short on time?
  • Tired of filling out the same job application details over and over again?
  • Finding it tedious to find jobs that you would actually want to do?
  • Unsure of whether you’re a good fit for the jobs that look best?
  • Wanting to share your resume quickly and automatically with lots of decision-makers?

We’re here to help!

Simply outsource the task to us.

Just talk to us about what your dream job looks like and we’ll do the rest!

This service is a great fit for you if:

  • You are applying aggressively.
  • You are open to working virtually or to relocating.
  • A search for the kinds of jobs you’d like to do results in many jobs.

This service will not be a good fit for you if:

  • You are looking for very specific, niche, or only local jobs.
  • You are not casting a wide net; you prefer a high degree of customization for each job.
  • There is little possibility of you relocating or working remotely.
  • You are only interested in federal or research jobs.

Job Application Service

How it works:

Tell us the job titles you are applying for and the locations you are applying to.

Use our automated tool to send a customizable email to a targeted list of recruiting firms.  You will see all the emails in your sent folder and get replies, both from recruiters as well as regarding your job applications, directly in your inbox*.

We use our state-of-the-art automation tool to search for and shortlist the best-fit job postings for you.

Our tool will apply for the job for you; if our tool can not submit your resume, we will manually apply for you.

Once the resume is submitted, you will begin receiving emails in your inbox.

You can use our tool to check on the status of the jobs that we have applied for and check data on application metrics.

*Expanding your pool of recruiter contacts means accelerating your job search process. Landing a job that pays $150,000/year just a week sooner can mean $2882 more in your pocket.

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What our clients have to say

Thanks to CareerTuners’ help, I was able to get callbacks quickly and even land my dream role.

Andrew Pinto
Construction Engineer

CareerTuners is a secret weapon; their work is absolutely stunning. 

Thien M. Le
Drilling Field Engineer

CareerTuners works wonders. I rarely have the opportunity to work with someone as amazingly efficient as they are.

Sam Guron
Director of Engineering

CareerTuners are a seasoned, sincere and reputable partner with an incredible work ethic.

 Saad Faiz
Security Consultant
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