Looking for a competitive edge over other candidates? Invest in a personalized cover letter that entices readers.

Give yourself an opportunity to tell your story to hiring managers before you sit down for an interview.

Why choose a cover letter?

  • 26% of recruiters read cover letters and consider them to be an important factor in their hiring process.
  • A study on employer preferences suggested that 56% of employers want applicants to send cover letters.
  • CareerBuilders study found that 49% of HR managers consider a cover letter to be the second best thing to give a resume a boost (number one being customizing the resume).
  • 53% of employers think that a resume alone is not enough.

As the number of applicants decreases in the screening process, the focus on each candidate increases.

A cover letter is a great way to humanize your candidacy.

Highlight your personality, showcase your passion for the job, and demonstrate how your soft skills can help you succeed in the role you are applying for.

Here are three common cover letter mistakes that may be hurting your candidacy:

It's too long

It rehashes your resume

It doesn't adequately showcase your skills

If you are making any of these mistakes, call me at: (714) 845 7104 or try our cover letter writing service.

For a job-winning cover letter, try our cover letter writing service.


Our turnaround is five business days. If you need your cover letter sooner, check out our rush delivery option.

A personalized and targeted cover letter helps your hiring manager better connect with you before meeting you. It also gives you a competitive edge over other candidates by capturing your most impressive career successes.

If you need to change a portion of the cover letter, we’d be happy to do that for you at no additional cost. (Free edits expire after six months of receiving your cover letter.)

Payments can be made upfront or via four monthly installments. We accept payments through debit and credit cards.

We are a small team of skilled professionals from various industries who are certified in writing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. We have been helping ambitious job seekers for 10 years.

Many resume writing firms rely on a questionnaire to gather information from their clients. Most of our clients struggle to write well about themselves, so we have a detailed information-gathering call, which feels like you’re speaking to a colleague about work.

Additionally, the writer you will be paired with has worked with a number of professionals in industry roles; this ensures that your cover letter speaks to your reader’s key hiring need.

Furthermore, you’ll work with a client success manager. After you receive your cover letter, if you need any changes made or if your job search isn’t going as anticipated, we’ll work with you one-on-one until your response improves. We’ll also be following up with you at least once a month to make sure your search is going well. If it’s not, we’ll give you resources free of charge to support you. We’ll continue following up with you until you get an offer that you are interested in.

What our clients have to say!

CareerTuners crafted my resume and a cover letter that enabled me to land interviews with Deloitte and IQVIA.

Shehroz Ahmed
Senior Strategy Consultant