This page is a work in progress; more samples are added every day.

Each of the following resumes has been fictionalized to protect our clients' identities.

Every resume we create follows three basic fundamentals of storytelling:

  1. Writing that hooks readers in the very beginning is paid more attention to. We use the top section of each resume to make it obvious what sorts of problems our clients solve.
  2. ​Conflict engages readers. We make sure each and every bullet talks about how our clients resolved challenges, closed gaps, or capitalized on opportunities.
  3. Parallel writing structures help readers follow along, while differently formatted text slows readers down. We use both of these rules to draw readers' attentions to our clients' biggest strengths.

Executive Resume Samples

Banking Executive (.pdf)

This resume was created by Fatima Sohail. Please click the image above for a high-resolution before-and-after PDF.

Challenge: "Griphook" wanted to move up his career ladder and was looking for a C-level position, despite having only junior executive experience. As you can see from the "before" version of his resume, he had no accomplishments listed at all, but focused only on his responsibilities, which really downplayed the innovative technologies he was putting into place.

Action: I knew I had to focus on his growth-inducing strategies to ensure that the readers could see what an ideal candidate he was. He requested that his resume have minimal color because he had several readers in mind, and knew that they would prefer something a bit more conservative. Our rationale for sticking with a more conservative format is also the fact that Griphook was looking to relocate to either Australia or the Middle East, and we knew that our readers would appreciate something a bit less flashy. After signing an NDA, I went through bank documents that showcased his accomplishments and the bottom-line results he had been achieving and pulled some out to put in his resume.

Result: Griphook successfully transitioned from an Executive VP role to a Senior Executive VP at a large national bank. His testimonials says, "Your resume not only got me my target interviews, but laid out the case for hire in such a way that interviewers had a great understanding of the positive change I would bring well before the interview. I landed a more senior position in my target company as a result.

​Global Business Development Executive (.pdf)

This resume was created by Fatima Sohail. Please click the image above for a high-resolution before-and-after PDF.

Challenge: After several years of working all over the world, Farooq wanted to break into the American market so that he could be close to his children, who were both attending American Universities. However, he didn’t have experience in the Western Hemisphere at all.

Action: After conducting research on the American market, I discovered that experts in business development were more in demand than program/project managers. For that reason, I refocused Farooq resume on business development and sales. After speaking at length with him to understand his specific strengths, I put together a resume that would definitely help him get his foot in the door without compromising his executive title. Farooq requested that I use this layout because it reminded him of water, and has just enough color to stand out in the American market.

Result: Farooq was very happy with the resume. He is currently interviewing with his target company and is hopeful that he will be asked to return for follow-up interviews.

Program Management and Business Development Executive (.pdf)

This resume was created by Sumayyah Haider. Please click the image above for a high-resolution before-and-after PDF.

Challenge: Rachel was an IT business development specialist with more than fifteen years of leadership experience in her industry. However, from her old resume, you’d think she only had a handful of accomplishments rather than a wealth of success stories.

Action: To show that Rachel was more than capable of leading company-wide business development efforts. I highlighted her ability to lead global projects, streamline large operations, and generate profitable partnerships. I divided up her experience based on these results, using each bullet to demonstrate her success story. Furthermore, to emphasize her ability to take her companies to unprecedented successes, I included her overarching accomplishments underneath each job title. I also made sure to name-drop the Fortune 500 and other big-name companies Rachel had been working at. And finally, I removed references to her age.

Result: Extremely pleased, Rachel started actively networking within a few days of receiving her new resume. She expressed her happiness in hiring the CareerTuners.

Career Changer Executive (.pdf)

This resume was created by Zunaira Zubair. Please click the image above for a high-resolution before-and-after PDF.

Challenge: Stephanie hired me to help her connect her meandering experiences as a teacher, claims representative, and process server, and present a holistic image of herself as an HR leader.

Action: In order to showcase her ability to tackle and overcome strategic issues, I combined two non-traditional formats -- the challenge, action, results, awards format, and the career summary format. By doing so, not only was I able to highlight her talent as for HR, I was able to shine the spotlight away from her other experience. Furthermore, I underscored her transferrable skills.

Result: Thanks to her new resume, Stephanie managed to transition into a VP HR position within 60 days.

Chief Information Officer (.pdf)

This resume was created by Sumayyah Haider. Please click the image above for a high-resolution before-and-after PDF.

Challenge: Ross was a CTO in a unique situation. He knew he had the strategic chops to lead a Fortune 500 company’s technology department, but he had a hard time leveraging his community involvement and overcoming his non-linear career trajectory. For that reason, his previous resume made Ross look like an industry-hopper and unqualified for CTO roles.

Action: I chose a bold look to help Ross showcase both his community experience and his work experience in his resume. By doing so, I drew the reader’s eyes to his biggest accomplishments and presented indisputable proof that Ross was experienced at leading large, long-term projects, developing an organization’s IT policies, and helping his fellow employees perform better. To avoid making him look like an industry-hopper, I prioritized his ability to use IT to improve workflow efficiency. Additionally, I made sure to include projects where his actions led to company-wide results. Finally, to help Ross avoid any ageism bias, I removed the dates from his education and certifications.

Result: Ross said he felt a huge boost of confidence after looking at his new resume. He hadn’t previously realized just how much of an impact he’d had. Seeing proof of his strengths gave him the confidence necessary to start networking more widely and push more strongly for interviews.

HR Executive (.pdf)

This resume was created by Zunaira Zubair. Please click the image above for a high-resolution PDF.

Challenge: This client had plateaued in his current position and was looking to develop his skills further by targeting a more strategic position within his field. However, he couldn’t find more than a handful of such positions in the entire country of Botswana, and wanted to expand his horizons by looking for jobs in other countries. 

Action: I interviewed "Richard," and it became obvious that he propelled whatever organization he was leading to become a better version of itself, whether that meant higher rankings, greater market shares, or happier employees. I highlighted these by italicizing the bottom-line result under each experience.

I created a simple, keyword-heavy resume after researching his target organizations and the language they used on their websites. I kept the formatting down to a minimum, but threw in a few graphs so that when he sent his resume out throughout his extensive network, his impressive achievements would be immediately noticeable. 

Establishing his “role” in the top section of each professional experience, and then defining his strategies and accomplishments helped build a strong narrative structure without compromising the resume’s traditional look and feel.

Result: Richard accepted an offer as a Chief People Officer at a large blue-chip company shortly after.​

VP of Sales (.pdf)

This resume was created by Sumayyah Haider. Please click the image above for a high-resolution PDF.

Challenge: With over two decades of experience under his belt, Niles wanted to transition into senior management. He hadn’t updated his resume in almost 10 years. With his old resume, the only thing he was showing was his age. There was nothing in the 2-page document that reflected his strengths as a VP of Sales and Marketing.

Action: During my call with Niles, we talked about the different ways he helped organizations grow. Our focus was on the business growth he generated through different sales and marketing initiatives. To capture the massive growth Niles brought, I added several graphs to his resume. I also sprinkled references to his leadership skills throughout his resume. I chose to break his accomplishments into multiple sections to avoid overwhelming the reader. Now, at just a glance, it’s obvious what Niles’ areas of expertise are.To disguise Niles’ age, I compressed his past experience to two lines and put his education section at the very end.

Result: Niles’ new resume shows him off as a powerhouse executive who was skilled at working with stakeholders to generate tremendous growth for organizations. There is now no doubt of his tremendous executive strengths

Marketing Executive (.pdf)

This resume was created by Zunaira Zubair. Please click the image above for a high-resolution PDF.

Challenge: “Tyler” was an experienced executive looking to shift from a large corporation to an established start-up in growth mode. He wanted to have the freedom to develop and lead cutting-edge initiatives. From his old resume, you could grasp he was capable of leading businesses to growth but it didn’t present a holistic image of Tyler. There was no context for a lot of the work he did. It was hard to tell how he was creating sustainable value for companies.

Action: I emphasized two major points in Tyler’s resume: campaign management and his focus on the bottom line. I did this by highlighting his biggest campaigns and the way he encouraged internal growth and process improvements. I included eye-catching graphs to showcase the growth he’d managed to achieve.

Result: Tyler looked competent enough in his previous resume. But this new resume is two pages of clear proof that he could turn businesses around to profitability.

Chief Financial Officer (.pdf)

This resume was created by Fatima Sohail. Please click the image above for a high-resolution PDF.

Challenge: An expert at transforming and optimizing businesses, Robin was moving across the country to be with his family. He wanted to secure a strategic organizational development job in a Fortune 500 company before he made the move. His previous resume, however, was not getting him any calls back, despite his proactive networking. After speaking with Robin and looking over his resume, I realized that while his previous resume had plenty of numbers, because of the lack of context in his bullets, his accomplishments seemed less significant than they were.

Action: When putting his resume together, I focused his accomplishments on the growth he’d generated internally and the savings he achieved. To further emphasize this, I included two graphs and put his professional experience bullets under his three main strengths.

Result: After Robin started sending his new resume out, his interviews increased. By the time he made the move, Robin was discussing his joining date with a well-known technology company on the West Coast.

Management Resume Samples

New MBA (.pdf)

This resume was created by Sumayyah Haider. Please click the image above for a high-resolution PDF.

Challenge: Dean had been applying to many startups but was getting no responses. “They’re probably getting turned off by the fact that all my experience is working at a family restaurant,” he told me.

Action: I wrote his accomplishments down without referring to Khaana as a restaurant. From his questionnaire, it was apparent that Dean had three strengths: developing powerful strategies to grow small businesses, motivating his teammates, and streamlining operations. I highlighted these strengths in his visual center.

Because the professional experience section is first scanned vertically, I used subheadings to draw attention to Dean’s main strengths. Dean studied very hard to develop strategies that propelled Khaana to where it is today. I visually highlighted Dean's bottom-line success by using two contrasting colors in his graph. Lastly, I added his Final Project in to show that he could help startups get Angel funding.

Result: This resume won a Toast of the Resume Industry Nomination. Dean was also very happy with his resume.

Systems Verification Manager (.pdf)

This resume was created by Sumayyah Haider. Please click the image above for a high-resolution PDF.

Challenge: Jaime wanted to shift from software engineering into testing and perhaps a management position. His previous resume wasn’t showcasing his technical capabilities or his leadership skills. It didn’t seem like he had done anything significant in his career. 

Action: I refocused Jaime’s resume on the impact he made. I highlighted his strategic mindset, leadership skills, and how effective his solutions are. I underscored the scale of the projects he worked on. Additionally, because he was interested in testing, I included only content that related to testing. 

Result: The impact Jaime has is now obvious. His resume shows how he improved processes, successfully deployed large projects, and resolved problems collaboratively. Developing and implementing testing solutions are the bread and butter of this resume rather than a mere competency.

Senior Program Manager (.pdf)

This resume was created by Fatima Sohail. Please click the image above for a high-resolution PDF.

Challenge: None of Barry’s unique skills were adequately reflected in his old resume. In fact, it gave the impression that he’d been demoted. As a result, questions were raised about Barry’s competency and leadership potential. Furthermore, his previous resume was aging him.

Action: My focus in Barry’s new resume was to play up his senior-level experience, project successes, and his ability to lead large teams. I used big, bold numbers to show Barry’s results, and it no longer looked like he’d been demoted. Regardless of his job title, Barry was creating a meaningful impact on the company’s bottom line.

Result: Barry was incredibly pleased with his new resume. He particularly liked the addition of the numbers, expressing his delight at how easily they demonstrated the results he’d achieved at each job. He went into his job search with renewed energy and managed to successfully transition back into senior management within three months.

Operations Manager (.pdf)

This resume was created by Sumayyah Haider. Please click the image above for a high-resolution PDF.

Challenge: Paul was interested in using his resume to build connections when networking to improve his chances of getting a senior management role. Unfortunately, his previous resume was vague and the results and context of his accomplishments was unclear. 

Action: I created this resume to showcase Paul’s business development and program management skills, focusing on the quantifiable results of his projects. I also made sure to highlight his international accomplishments to showcase his multi-cultural professional heritage. Lastly, I chose a bold format because I knew this resume wasn’t going to go in Applicant Tracking Systems, and chose to keep his resume to just a page. 

Result: Paul was very pleased with his resume. He was, “very pleased with the final results. I feel like my resume is finally making the kind of impression I’ve wanted it to make.”

Non-Management Resume Samples

Quality Engineer (.pdf)

This resume was created by Sumayyah Haider. Please click the image above for a high-resolution PDF.

Challenge: While Dany was getting interviews after speaking with recruiters at career fairs, online, her resume was getting her no hits. 

Action: My first step was to “translate” the responsibilities in Dany’s resume into accomplishments. After speaking with her, it became obvious that Dany went above and beyond other interns, drawing on her natural leadership skills to impact the bottom line at all the companies she worked with. I made sure to highlight her initiative, drive, and leadership skills. Lastly, I concluded with the exceptional extracurricular work Dany did. 

Result: Dany’s new resume helped her land an engineering job at a well-established company within a few months.

Digital Strategist (.pdf)

This resume was created by Fatima Sohail. Please click the image above for a high-resolution PDF.

Challenge: Jon had a lot of entrepreneurial experience, and as a result, employers viewed him as a Jack-of-all-trades rather than a specialized professional. This was because his older resume was scattered and did not showcase Jon’s natural problem-solving skills.

Action: After researching the top qualities employers look for in digital consultants, I took Jon through his career history and found a wealth of hard, quantified accomplishments. I highlighted these and his project management skills, partnership development skills, and his tendency to save the companies he was working for a significant amount of money. I chose to underscore headings throughout his resume with a neutral, simple blue line. The graph I created is consistent with this look. I also avoided heavy-handed formatting and self-descriptors. This look makes Jon seem loyal and conservative.

Result: Jon hadn’t realized how much he had accomplished until his resume was presented in this format. In his words, “I have to say I'm absolutely floored with what you did with my resume. Incredible job.”

Mechanical Engineer (.pdf)

This resume was created by Zunaira Zubair. Please click the image above for a high-resolution PDF.

Challenge: Josh wanted to find a job that was in line with his degree. His previous resume made him look like he didn’t have the necessary experience or skills. The scattered and cluttered feeling in his resume only compounded this image. 

Action: To prove Josh had the necessary skills, I highlighted relevant mechanical engineering experiences from his college experience in the visual center. I bolstered this by including the software and tools he was experienced in using. Next, I highlighted transferable soft skills. To further build his authority, I included his publications. 

Result: Josh used his new resume to apply to entry-level mechanical engineering jobs with renewed energy. He began getting calls back within a few weeks of beginning his job search anew.

CT Technician (.pdf)

This resume was created by Fatima Sohail. Please click the image above for a high-resolution PDF.

Challenge: This client had worked all his life in the United States, and felt he could no longer grow at the hospital where he worked. Although he supervised his team on a daily basis, he didn’t have a formal supervisory role (or the paycheck that came with it). He wanted to apply in the UAE, Qatar, and the KSA, where there is a greater demand for supervisors. However, CT Technologists in the Middle East are often required to have achieved a BSc, which this client didn’t have.

Action: Throughout the questionnaire, this client made it very clear that he was (a) technically astute, (b) very caring, and (c) great at leading his teammates.

For that reason, I focused on both his soft skills and his hard skills in the visual center of his resume. I chose green to further highlight his technical skills because I wanted to visually draw the reader's eye away from his incomplete degree, which I strategically placed down at the bottom, with his very high GPA and a list of all the additional courses that he took.

However, because people best remember the first and the last things they see, I put a quote by Voltaire way down at the end that further reinforced the client's gentle and kind-hearted attitude.

Throughout the “Professional Experience” section, I drew attention to the fact that he had leadership responsibilities, even though he didn’t have the title.

Lastly, I paired this with a plain text resume so ATSs could “digest” all the keywords in the green box.

Result: The client saw positive responses within just a week. He now has a leadership role in the Middle East. Furthermore, he was so happy with the resume that he asked me to do his girlfriend’s as well.