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As a marketing manager, I KNOW you’re tired of chasing silly vanity KPIs.

I KNOW you’re sick of having your creativity go to waste.

The best way to stop letting leaders dictate what you can and cannot do is to…

… be one!

Resparking Creativity goes beyond the basics.

It covers a slew of topics that will prepare you for long-term success, including:

  • An evaluation of your leadership style and what weaknesses you need to address. 
  • What soft skills you need to polish and improve as a future director
  • A candid look into salary numbers to help you evaluate and improve your pay targets
  • Templates and scripts to navigate difficult conversations revolving your professional development, like talking to a boss who isn’t very fond of you and getting a raise anyway.
  • How to elevate your resume by incorporating elements that are unique to you. 
  • How to create a LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters to you. 
  • The easiest way to write a cover letter, period. 
  • How to use ChatGPT to your advantage for interview prep.
  • Networking strategies that best suit YOUR personality and don’t make you feel icky inside. 
  • Templates and scripts that make negotiating with decision makers  as easy as 1-2-3. 

The book also contains self assessments, exercises, questions, and links to additional resources to help you respark your creativity fast!

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No more fumbling in the dark wondering what’s wrong with your job application. No more worrying about how to articulate your needs to decision makers. No more confusion about what employers, recruiters, and hiring managers are looking for.

Resparking Creativity is a comprehensive guide that sets you up for success, not just for becoming a marketing director but for the rest of your career as well.

I have worked with numerous marketing managers during my career. 

They, like you, were hungry for growth but they didn’t know how to productively channel their energy.

That’s where I came in. 

I worked closely with each individual, helping them build their professional network, advocate for themselves in front of their supervisor and interviewers, and build a job application that spoke to the employer’s precise needs. 

And very importantly, I asked questions that helped them see how much they have contributed to companies during their career, which helped respark their creative energy.

I do all of this in my book and more.

I want to be honest with you for a second.

The strategies and methodologies I share in my book require a few things. 

#1 – You’ve got to be a creative marketing person. 

#2 – You have to get comfortable with rejection. You cannot take a “no” personally or view it as the end of your growth. 

#3 – You need to make a commitment to yourself. There are no shortcuts involved. Only hard work, persistence, and effort. 

My clients get their dream jobs…

… often DOUBLING their salaries….

BECAUSE they put in 100% in terms of effort.

I can’t run the race for you. 

So please do not submit your email address below for a $2.99 copy of my book if you’re not ready for some serious growth:

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Resparking Creativity: A Marketing Professional’s Career Guide Towards Becoming a Director. 

While the title says it all, I want to share a few more details about the book I’m selling. 

I show you exactly what you need to do to maximize your chances of becoming a marketing director and to keep that success going. 

The book is sprinkled with quizzes to help you identify WHY you’re stuck and what to do next.

If that sounds up your alley, you can grab a digital copy from Amazon for $2.99.

If you prefer a physical copy, you can soon snag a paperback for $6.99 and a hardcover for $14.99

This book is for you even if you’re not a marketing manager.

If you’re on your way to becoming a marketing manager or even are considering transitioning into marketing as a field…

… this book shares the exact steps you need to take to ensure your long-term success. 

It takes away any uncertainty you may feel about your career journey

  • You still have a step-by-step guide for initiating career development conversations with your supervisor
  • You learn how to identify what employers are looking for and how to speak their language
  • How to build a projects portfolio that proves your candidacy for a promotion
  • How to advocate for yourself during interviews and negotiations 

I show you how to set yourself up for success.

Sign up today and you’ll get the following bonuses for FREE:

Strategies tailored specifically to help you double your salary. I’m going to send you an email showing the exact resume that a marketing director used to double her initial offer and get $20,000 above the salary she was anticipating.

An audiobook (coming soon). narrated by the authors. We don’t want you to have to wait to finish reading the book to gain insights from it.

An illustrated workbook (available in pdf and print) (coming soon). This workbook will empower you to keep better track of your accomplishments, job search tasks, and strengthens. It comes with exercises that will help you elevate your relationship management, negotiation, and interviewing skills.

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P.S – Here’s a quick recap of the whole page

  1. I wrote a book to help marketing managers recapture their creative energy and become a marketing director
  2. I present a step-by-step guide through the entire process, explaining what recruiters are looking for and how to remove friction from the job application process.
  3. I’ve collected 13+ years of experience in helping marketing professionals into this $2.99 book. 
  4. The strategies and methodologies you will learn through this book will help you grow exponentially because you can keep using them at every stage of your career journey, enabling you to negotiate for better projects and compensation.
  5. If you sign up right now from this page, you’ll get access to three bonuses: marketing director resume, ( coming soon: an audiobook, and a work log) for FREE.

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