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Ready to become a marketing director with up to a 75% pay increase?

Our Resparking Creativity coaching program for marketing

leaders could put this within your reach.

Most marketing managers struggle with the manager-to-director transition.

But with more than 300,258 marketing managers in the US, standing out isn’t an option. It’s a necessity!

This is because the “typical” career growth strategy is no longer effective.

Applying to jobs online, asking your CMO for a promotion, and waiting to hear back leads to a lot of frustration, low confidence, and self doubt.

Check any of the statements that apply to you:

  • You excel at driving product and brand visibility but you have a hard time communicating your own
  • You are stuck at the managerial level because of your unconventional career history.
  • You barely get time to deliver marketing strategies that drive serious growth. Instead, you’re too busy with day-to-day tactical management

Our unlimited one-on-one coaching program with Fatemah Mirza, best-selling author of “Resparking Creativity: A Marketing Professional’s Career Guide Towards Becoming a Director” and CEO of CareerTuners, can help you strategize that marketing director promotion with up to a 75% pay raise* within a year!


Together you will strategize your promotion journey and overcome its many twists and turns. This includes nudging you out of your comfort zone, putting together your job application, and teaching you how to advocate for yourself with C-suite executives.

As a result, you will be able to close the gaps in your candidacy, such as:


  • Weak self-branding that doesn’t demonstrate your greatness as a marketing leader
  • Networking strategies that don’t pay off.
  • Self-doubt because of rejections and well-intentioned but erroneous feedback.
  • Underselling yourself during interviews and negotiations.


Here’s what the program includes:

  • One-on-one, unlimited coaching on any topic you’re struggling with, such as self-advocacy, salary negotiation, and director-level leadership. Whether you’re navigating tricky conversations with your higher ups or with problematic teammates, let’s talk solutions.
  • A full-fledged job application rebrand: Let’s add some sex appeal to your resume, LinkedIn, and executive bio.
  • I’ll network for you, leveraging my own extensive web of connections.
  • I’ll log into your LinkedIn and connect with decision-makers at your dream companies, getting them salivating to have conversations with you.
  • And once those requests start flooding in, I’ll prep you for interviews.

Hear from our client Samantha Ataeva who recently benefited from our program

“GUESS WHAT. They ended up bumping up the offer by 75% with a $20,000 performance bonus, which I am confident I will be able to achieve in my sleep, quite frankly”

Her problem:

Samantha was applying for marketing jobs but not hearing back even though she had more than a decade of marketing experience. Employers weren’t taking her seriously because the company she worked at was small and relatively unknown.

How we helped:

  1. We sat down with her and took a deep dive into her career history. As we uncovered her accomplishments, we saw that most of Samantha’s work, like building a marketing department from the ground-up, were director-level, even though her title was “manager.” Our career coaching services empowered Samantha to start applying for marketing director jobs!
  2. We rebranded her resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter to establish an executive presence.
  3. We applied for jobs and networked for her, helping her secure calls with recruiters and industry leaders.
  4. Once she started securing interviews for marketing director roles, we coached her on maintaining the same strong impression during interviews and confidently talking about her entrepreneurial experiences.

Eventually, the offer she got paid $40,000 less than what she was already making.

We knew Samantha was worth more.

Because of our coaching and real-time negotiation support, the company bumped up the offer by a whopping 75%! They simply did not want to let Samantha go.

What she got out of this investment:

Samantha went from not hearing back from marketing manager roles to securing her dream job!

You can read her complete case study here: LINK

I’d love to help you become the marketing leader you aspire to be with the compensation you deserve. 

Schedule a free consultation call with us today to see how we can help you repark creativity in your career and secure promotion to a marketing director: LINK

Or if you’re ready to move forward with your coaching slot, you can invest in this package here: LINK.


Here’s a complete list of what this program includes:

  • Coaching services: Unlimited coaching directly with Fatemah Mirza, best-selling career books author and CEO of CareerTuners. Includes all of the following as many times as you need over six months:
    • Interview coaching (value: $300)
    • Career coaching (value: $450)
    • Stop firefighting coaching (value: $3000)
    • Career development coaching (value: $3000)
    • Salary negotiation (value: $2100)
    • Raise negotiation (value: $2100)
    • MBA admissions counseling (value: $3000)
    • Offboarding coaching when you get your dream job! (value: $500)
  • Outreach services:
    • Resume distribution (value: $150)
    • We’ll apply to 100 jobs for you (value: $390)
    • 24/7 support via email
    • 7 days/week support via call
    • We network for you (value: $250)
  • Rebrand services:
    • Resume (value: $600)
    • LinkedIn (value: $600)
    • Salary negotiation brag sheet (value: $150)
    • Cover letter (value: $150)
    • Executive bio (value: $150)
    • $2000 coupon for web portfolio site (value: $2,000)

Plus a free career coaching call with your child or loved one, under the age of 22 (value: $450)

Total value: $19,340

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