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Consider hosting a workshop where your recruiters can have their most burning questions answered by a certified job search expert.

Fatemah Mirza started CareerTuners in 2010 and is a three-time certified, award-winning resume writer.

She is holds the following honors from Career Directors International:

  • ​Certified Advanced Resume Writer
  • Certified Executive Resume Master
  • Certified Professional: Online Job Search and Reputation Management (OJSRM)
  • Toast of the Resume Industry Nominee

Through her free resources, she has helped more than 3000 job seekers. Her clients have ended up working for highly selective organizations, like...

Workshop by Fatemah

How do you create a resume format that stands the test of time?

​My three secret rules of resume writing are:

  1. The first few lines of the resume are read the most carefully.
  2. Resumes are skimmed along the left margin.​
  3. Resume bullets with a narrative structure are more memorable than "ordinary" resume bullets.

Recruiters that attend my workshop will be given a template and a brief guide that breaks down the exact framework I personally use to write resumes.

I used this template to put together a resume that won a Toast of the Resume Industry Nomination last year. I use it for all my clients, too.

This template utilizes the three most powerful storytelling techniques in the world:

  1. Building up conflict
  2. Hooking the reader from the very beginning
  3. Using parallel writing structures to help readers digest information, while using differently formatted text to slow skimmers down.

Furthermore, I'll break down the tricks your recruiters can use to help your candidates frame their experiences.

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