Stumbled upon your dream job, but your resume feels underwhelming?

Not updating your resume regularly leads to a lack of readiness in such situations. We always advise keeping an updated and well-prepared resume on hand to seize sudden opportunities.

Boost your resume in ONLY 30 MINUTES with our on-call resume editing service.

If you haven’t had the chance to keep your resume up-to-date, take advantage of our 30-minute resume editing service.

Just give us 30 minutes of your time and we’ll edit your resume on the spot.

"… I got a response to my application for C level jobs within an hour!  I got told by a recruiter before the interview process was even over that I have a 90+% chance of landing the job because of my strong resume"
Farhan Mahmoud
C-Level Consultant

The service includes:

  • a focused revision of your resume with the best templates,
  • maximizing impact by bringing hidden accomplishments to light 
  • pruning irrelevant information — putting the spotlight on your skills,
  • creating a striking first impression to wow recruiters

Discovering and empowering potential — beyond resumes.

We’re committed to positively impacting both careers and lives, bringing meaningful change to the forefront.

Our 30-minute resume editing service is part of an initiative that pledges to support River City Recovery Center and lend a helping hand to create opportunities and foster growth. 

For the launch, we’ll be matching up to $500 — and everything we get from the sales of this service thereafter — to support these people in need.

Here’s the drill.

Here’s what our clients have to say:

"Resume preparation done by CareerTuners got me two different jobs, and many other interviews, in a very tight competitive environment... One of the interviewees said that "in 40 years, this is the best resume and full packet he's ever seen."
Gurveer Chhokar
Director of Cardiopulmonary and Radiology Services


You’re scrolling through your feed and suddenly see a job opening from your dream company. 

How can you make your resume shine in the limited time you have? 

Our 30-minute on-call resume editing service is a perfect solution for last-minute situations like these. It’s a mini version of our full-fledged, extensive resume-writing service, including:

  • focusing on template adjustments,
  • bringing overlooked accomplishments to the center stage
  • removal of unnecessary content

If you’re looking for that extra level of refinement and want to ensure your resume stands out, opt for our full-fledged resume-writing service.

Before the call, we’ll send you a form to fill out where you’ll share your resume and tell us about your target jobs.

With these details, the resume writer can hit the ground running during your 30-minute session, ensuring every minute counts. The more you share, the better we can tailor our 30-minute editing session to your specific goals.

During the call, you can chime in with your thoughts and preferences in real-time. If you have an idea or want to emphasize something specific, let us know, and we’ll make those changes on the spot.

The 30-minute on-call resume editing service is a rapid yet impactful review of your resume. It’s perfect for when you need that urgent fix, with a swift turnaround and no compromising on quality. It focuses on tackling immediate issues such as fixing the template, ensuring both you and the recruiter acknowledge your overlooked and hidden accomplishments, and removing unnecessary content. It’s all about sprucing up your resume for short-notice situations. 

On the flip side, the comprehensive resume writing service is a deep, in-depth dive. We spend more time ensuring your resume articulates your true worth and making a convincing case for that job you know you’re perfectly qualified for. ATS-optimization, tackling “red flags” in your candidacy, like employment gaps or changing industries, and portraying you as an achiever and not a doer are some of the functions of this service. 

With unlimited follow-ups after delivery, our comprehensive resume editing service crafts a completely new resume — visually appealing and perfectly aligned with your ambitions. You’re left with a great resume that captures you, your successes, and your wins to create a strong first impression on a reader. 

So, whether you need a swift enhancement or an in-depth revamp, we have the right service for you.

Yes, you can reschedule with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Contact our customer service for help.

We use Google Meet, which allows for seamless screen sharing and real-time collaboration. You won’t need any special software for this call, but being in front of a computer with good internet access will help ensure you can collaborate with your writer smoothly.

Our normal scheduling works with a minimum notice of 12 hours. That gives us enough time to prepare and ensure you get the top-notch service you deserve.

After a thorough selection process, we finalized a halfway house: River City Recovery Center. What truly caught our attention at this recovery center is the fact that they generously provide employment skills training as a part of their services, particularly for parolees seeking successful reintegration.

We’ve pledged to donate $25 from each sale of our 30-minute resume-editing service to River City Recovery Center and are committed to helping them. 

For the launch period, we also matched up to $500 — and everything we got from the sales of this service — to support these people in need.