LinkedIn Premium Networking Service

Tap into the hidden job market by networking directly with decision-makers.

Networking is HARD. It sucks up all your time and energy.

But it’s also a necessity: 85% of all jobs are filled via networking.

 If you checked off more than one box, let us do the heavy lifting for you:

  1. Tell us about your dream job.
  2. We log into your LinkedIn profile, fix it up so that it looks perfect, locate decision-makers that need someone just like you, and start chatting with them to get you on their calendars.
  3. We coach you one-on-one on a weekly basis so that you can carry the conversation forward and get that job!

What you get:

Guaranteed Results

We'll locate, connect, and follow up with up to 10 decision-makers per week via your LinkedIn profile, aiming to secure at least four interviews every month.

Outsourced Applications

We will find and apply to five** jobs per week for you, focusing specifically on companies that you LOVE.

Application Customization

We'll customize your resume and cover letter for each opportunity we apply to on your behalf.

Executive Job Boards

We'll post your resume to exclusive headhunting job search engines

Optimized LinkedIn

We'll check your profile's performance metrics and optimize your settings to ensure you're not closing yourself off to high-paying jobs.

Resume Distribution

We'll conduct cold outreach for you via email AND do a warm handoff to our network of recruiters.

**Want more than just four interviews a month?

Opt for our premium networking service, which entails:

  • We’ll reach out to 20 decision-makers every week through your LinkedIn profile
  • This will help us work towards around eight interviews every month.
  • We’ll apply to 10 jobs every week, customizing your resume and cover letter for each one.

Our Price


Our LinkedIn networking service aims to help executives secure active connections and networking calls with hiring decision-makers, ultimately leading to job interviews and new opportunities.

For executives seeking to make a significant career transition and elevate professional visibility, this service is ideal if you are:

  • applying for best-fit executive-level roles but the applications getting stuck in online systems.
  • planning to relocate and need to build a network in the new location.
  • applying to jobs that perfectly match your skills but not receiving calls back
  • finding that your optimized resume and LinkedIn profile are not attracting the right attention.

The service includes: Identifying, connecting, and networking with key hiring decision-makers

  • LinkedIn profile analytics and optimization
  • Customized networking action plans
  • Templates for various networking scenarios
  • Weekly engagement on LinkedIn to build industry presence

Resume writers will manage client interactions, information gathering, weekly follow-ups, and introductory interview consulting. We provide ongoing support until executives receive at least three interview offers they are excited about.

The process includes:

  • Sharing your current resume and job goals
  • Collaborating with an expert to enhance your LinkedIn profile and connections
  • Scheduling networking calls with decision-makers
  • Ongoing follow-ups and strategy adjustments based on your progress

Our service is designed for one month, but if you need additional support or a new direction, you can purchase another round of service.

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