Low-Cost Packages

One-on-One Resume Editing

Here's how it works.

Step 1

Fill out my award-winning resume template. Attend my online workshop (every Sunday at 6 PM PST) if you need help with this.

Step 2

Email me your resume.

Step 3

I'll send you your edited resume within one business day.

Stephanie's case study

Take a look at this before-and-after resume. Do you see how I showed Stephanie how to make her resume more powerful? I'd love to do the same for you.

Stephanie purchased our resume editing service because she really felt her resume was the reason she wasn't getting call-backs from companies she was most interested in.

She had been consistently applying and following up with SalesForce, Oracle, Cisco, and Yelp, but wasn't getting very far on her own.

Here's what she said about this service:​

Here are a couple other testimonials:

Immediately after you purchase, I'll email you an Applicant-Tracking-System-optimized .docx resume template that breaks down the exact framework I personally use to write resumes.

I used this exact template to put together a resume that won a Toast of the Resume Industry Nomination last year. I use it for all my clients, too.

This template utilizes the three most powerful storytelling techniques in the world:

  1. Building up conflict
  2. Hooking the reader from the very beginning
  3. Using parallel writing structures to help readers digest information, while using differently formatted text to slow skimmers down.

Here’s a partial screenshot of the template. Take a look at how many “cheats” I sprinkled throughout this thing!

Once you’re done filling out the template with your experience, email it back to me along with a job listing you’re really interested in and I’ll use the listing as a “filter” to make sure you sound your best.

Here's everything this service includes:

  • Structural editing
  • Rewriting weaker sections
  • Detailed suggestions for improving your resume further
  • Grammar and spell check
  • Toast of the Resume Industry nominated template
  • A guide on finding keywords for your resume
  • A guide on framing your accomplishments​
  • One business-day turnaround

FIVE reasons you should get this:

  1. It is the shortest, cheapest, most effective method to quickly create and dispatch your resume.
  2. I am giving you the exact template that I personally use when working with my full-service clients. It doesn’t get any easier than this.
  3. It costs just $79, which means it literally pays for itself within just a day when you land your dream job more quickly with it.
  4. The template I use is optimized for applicant tracking systems AND human readers. In other words, computers pick up on all your keywords while human beings pick up on the powerful, story-like structure of your resume bullets.
  5. Twenty-nine people have purchased my resume editing service this month.

4X Your Job Search by Networking

How to tap into the hidden job market

​Want to stand out without appearing needy?

Network your way into your next job effortlessly by purchasing our fill-in-the-blank, tried-and-tested networking system for just $79.

Here are three interesting pieces of information that should get you really fired up about networking:

But it's hard finding people to reach out to, and it's even harder figuring out what you need to say to them to get them excited about you.

How do you reach out to someone you know without sounding needy? How do you get someone you don't know to reply to your email? How do you follow up with people without seeming desperate?

To answer these questions, I put together 4X Your Job Search By Networking.

​When you sign up...

I'll show you exactly how to find the employers that need you most. I'll also show you how to find people to connect strategically with.

You'll get 26 detailed, fill-in-the-blank templates that will get your connections to fall in love with you.

I'll show you how to use a free, simple tool to make following up automatic and effortless.

In this package, I'll show you exactly how to introduce yourself to, follow up with, and delight...

Executive Decision-Makers


Referees (People who can refer you to decision-makers)


Specifically, you'll get...

  • A brief, information-packed guide that will show you exactly how to find referees on LinkedIn.
  • A job search checklist that will work for you, whether you have an hour a week or 2 hours a day to dedicate to your job search.
  • 8 introduction templates, each for a different type of person, and each with its own set of goals.
  • 3 templates to guide your conversations with people in your network.
  • 7 templates for following up with people you've reached out to, again, each with its own goal.
  • 4 thank-you note templates, each for a different type of person.
  • 2 templates that will help you ask for help without making you look cheap or needy.
  • 1 template for asking for powerful, lengthy recommendations.
  • A guide on how you can use a free tool to make following up automatic.

Even if you’re NOT actively looking for a job, don't put off networking until you really need a job. Lay the foundation of your network TODAY so you can reap the rewards when you really need them.

You will no longer have to:

  • ​Spend hours upon hours researching and applying to hundreds of jobs
  • Get in touch with old connections by sending them copies of your resume
  • Blast out generic emails asking for job leads

Instead, you’ll be reaching out strategically to selected people. You'll save a ton of time and you'll avoid the stress, helplessness, and headache that comes with poring through page after page of online jobs. 

4X Your Job Search + Editing Package

​Includes everything from both our Resume Editing Service and 4X Your Job Search Template Pack

Asking for a Raise Strategically (Coming Soon)