LinkedIn Profile Service

95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to actively hire.

Is your profile a keyword-optimized powerhouse, pulling interviews for you?


Our LinkedIn profile development service has helped hundreds of our clients go from feeling exploited and undervalued, struggling to communicate their worth, and getting zero response when applying on LinkedIn to getting multiple interviews every week and feeling fulfilled in their new roles. 

You can be the next person to experience this transformation.

Let’s see if your LinkedIn profile is doing justice to your story. How many boxes can you check off?

If you aren’t able to check off these boxes, your profile may need to be redone.

3.3 million recruiters on LinkedIn are actively looking to fill open positions. 

And the good news is that you don’t have to apply. They will find you, but only if your profile shows up in their search. 

Our LinkedIn profile service has helped hundreds of job seekers become visible, speak to employers’ needs, and stand out.

Six people are hired on LinkedIn every second.

Here’s a quick LinkedIn checklist that you can use to make sure you’re on track with your LinkedIn profile. Your profile has…

  • A keyword-optimized headline that instantly communicates your subject matter expertise.
  • A summary filled with accomplishments, all of which elaborate on how you use your skills to drive value.
  • Experience sections that speak to your reader’s hiring needs.
  • A keyword-optimized skills section that bumps you up in recruiter searches.
“With CareerTuners' help, I was able to attract my new employer via LinkedIn and DOUBLE my salary!!! I look forward to working with CareerTuners as my career expands."
Donnie Adams

Stephen King’s efforts met with rejections by publishers 30 times before he could finally share his first novel with the world. 

Had he given up after any of those rejections, the world wouldn’t have known any Stephen King. 

It makes me wonder how many Stephen Kings must have walked this earth in the dark shadows of obscurity because they couldn’t articulate their story. 

Just being great at something doesn’t mean great opportunities will come knocking at your door. 

You have to share your story with the world. 

You have to show them what you bring to the table. 

And you have to do it all in a clear, concise, and compelling way. 

Only when they see your value will they come knocking at your door with your next big offer. 

You have already written your story. You have spent years building experience and learning new skills. It’s time to share your story with the world. 

And you need to share it in a way that casts a spell on whoever comes across it, so that they hit the message button and ask your availability for an interview.

In order to ensure you are being set up for success in a holistic way, you will get:

  • to improve your ranking in recruiters’ searches.
  • an opportunity to complement your resume with additional value-adding details, stand out among hundreds of applicants, and make people excited to interview you. 
  • achievements in your profile that show readers that you’re not just skilled; you’re accomplished.
  • a boost in confidence when you see your profile getting the traction you rightfully deserve.
  • an opportunity to directly speak to the reader’s hiring needs to capture all great opportunities that come your way. 
  • to effectively use the Easy Apply feature.
  • your own personal/professional brand which will help you network with both employers and other like-minded professionals in your industry.
"I had a wonderful experience….She helped me focus on quantifiable accomplishments and asked me about some things I had never thought of! She dramatically improved my LinkedIn page….Based on our experience together, I sincerely recommend her services!"
David Salinas

Our writers have 50 years of cumulative experience in LinkedIn profile development. By following our world-class collaboration process and providing premium service and support, we have helped our clients land roles at the likes of Google, Microsoft, and EY. 

But LinkedIn profile development isn’t the only thing our writers are certified in. Our expertise in addition to LinkedIn, resume writing, and cover letters, includes:

  • Helping people figure out which career path will result in more fulfillment.
  • Coaching leaders on pursuing impressive projects to build their portfolio.
  • Guiding people with interviews – unfortunately, a lot of our clients unknowingly overshare and pigeonhole themselves. We help them better position themselves.
  • Salary negotiation.
  • Applying to jobs for our clients – we use all the platforms that job seekers use every day, so our work is always relevant.

Our expertise runs wide and deep. Our writers know what works and what doesn’t work at every single step of your job application process. Building on this expertise, they create your profile from scratch setting you up for success at all the next steps of the job application process. 

Our goal with your LinkedIn profile is to not only help you land interviews but also an offer that you are happy to accept.

Take the first step of your journey to job satisfaction, growth, and better benefits NOW.

Our Process Details

Here is how our process works once you sign up:

1. Call Scheduling

You'll be redirected to our call scheduling page.

2. Information Gathering

We'll speak to you about your experience at the appointed time for about 90 minutes. We will also go over the sort of work you'd like to do to ensure there is no gap between the two. Most people struggle to write well about themselves, instead, you'll have a detailed information-gathering call, which will feel like you're speaking to a colleague about work. We don't use any questionnaires.

3. Information Processing

We'll use the information you share with us over the call to create your resume from scratch, as well as supplementary materials that you might want to add on, like your LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and brag sheet.

4. Deployment

You’ll have all the documents that you purchased within a week of your information-gathering call.

5. Revisions

After you receive your materials, if you need any changes made or if your job search isn't going as anticipated, we'll work with you one-on-one until your response improves. We will also be following up with you at least once a month to make sure your search is going well. If it's not, we’ll give you resources free of charge to support you.

6. Resume Disctribution

We are connected to recruiters in nearly every industry in nearly every state in the US. After we're done with the resume, we will also be sharing it with them in case they have something interesting that is in line with your strengths -- of course, after seeking your permission. We are connected with recruiters from America's top recruitment firms, such as Lucas Group, Boyden, Barbachano International, and Robert Half.

Our Price

Our LinkedIn profile service costs $600 or you can pay in installments.

Here’s the value our clients see on average:

These extra four months represent $50,000 in wages for our clients that are aiming for jobs that pay $150,000.

TRY us out for FREE

If you’d like to see how we can improve your LinkedIn Profile, you can try us out for free.

Share your LinkedIn profile URL here for a free, detailed critique.

Our experts will tell you exactly what needs to change to increase the number of interviews and improve the quality of offers you receive.

A gift from us to YOU as a part of our mission to help seekers like you — In addition to a 5-star LinkedIn profile that paints you as the perfect person for your dream job, you will get the following as a gift to help you with your job search:

  • Networking lessons
  • Outreach templates (including thank-you notes)
  • Unlimited customization for roles similar to your target roles
  • Tips on customizing your resume
  • Detailed guides on interview and salary negotiation mistakes
  • Free 15-minute monthly consultation calls with you
  • Sharing your resume with recruiters to create visibility for your application
  • Unlimited email support. Just email us any time you have a question about your job search, whether you’re stuck on an interview question or are unsure how to follow up with someone
  • Advising you on your interview scripts via email
"Where do I begin? CareerTuners is worth every dollar spent! Their services are by far worth the investment!.......A Masterpiece is the first thing that comes to mind! Within a week of posting the remake of my LinkedIn profile, I had recruiters contacting me for different positions in my field. I even had interviews scheduled for positions I hadn't even considered before, which gave me the inspiration I needed. But, after many opportunities and interviews, I finally succeeded and was offered a position that I only dreamed of!..."
Terry Prince

Because of the one-on-one, time-intensive nature of our services, we only take a few clients each week.