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Resume Writing Service


An ATS-optimized resume that grabs recruiters' attention and highlights your biggest strengths.
… Within a week, my resume was ready...I was almost getting calls every day. I got a job within a month. - Esra Aydar, Senior Project Program Manager

Covering Letter Service

Underscore your soft skills, contribution to your industry, and passion for your work.
CareerTuners' work on my cover letter helped me land a position that paid $10,000 more than the one I had been laid off from. - Raheel Ahmed, Risk Analyst

Resume Writing Service

With our personal statement coaching services, clients have gotten into highly competitive graduate programs, such as Harvard Medical School, MIT Sloan School of Management, Stanford MSx, and many selective undergraduate programs.
I was admitted into the PhD program I have always dreamt of pursuing. - Patrick Mwanza, Cybersecurity Leadership

LinkedIn Profile Service


Optimized for LinkedIn's algorithms, showcases your best achievements, and nurtures attention from recruiters.
During my resume and LinkedIn rebuilding session, CareerTuners diligently and attentively assessed my technical/engineering career accomplishments… With their guidance, I was able to successfully land a technical role with Apple! - Jeanaye Mason, Technical Program Manager

Interview Cheat Sheet


20-minute mock interview and a 40-minute coaching session. We send you a recording and score sheets.
This was my first coaching session, and I landed a new job the next day. - Nadine Duncan, Executive Assistant, Finance.


We apply to 100 jobs for you within about a month. This service is recommended for individuals who are casting a wide net.
CareerTuners works wonders. I rarely have the opportunity to work with someone as amazingly efficient as they are. - Sam Guron, Director of Engineering.

Interview Cheat Sheet

One-on-one career coaching sessions to help you prepare and establish yourself as a strong candidate in this tough job market.
I thought I was destined to a single profession all my life but after talking to CareerTuners, I found new options for the development of my career. - Mariana G. Espinoza, Attorney

Resume Writing Service

Salary negotiation can be tricky. Get hold of the strategies to navigate the salary negotiation process like a pro without risking the offer.
CareerTuners coaching resulted in me getting a job promotion within my company. -- Meena Ansari, Commercial Claims Adjuster, Business Contracts.

Resume Distribution

Use your own Gmail account to send a personalized email to a targeted list of recruiting firms. This service is not recommended if you are not interested in relocating.
In a sector that can cause some to become jaded and numb to the needs of the individual, CareerTuners is a powerful, positive force. - Michael Mayher, Headhunter.

Interview Cheat Sheet

Instead, start saving your creative energy and mental space to actually innovate and do the really cool, fun projects that will boost your job satisfaction, get you promoted, and beef up your resume.
There are very few people who "care" and want you to succeed. I highly recommend CareerTuners to everyone who needs a mentor, a friend, a motivator. - Venkat P. Gollamudi, Software Development Engineer