As a resume writer with more than 13 years of experience helping people like Emmanuel Obando get their dream jobs…

“I do not have enough words to express my appreciation for CareerTuners, especially Fatemah Mirza. Because of their hard work, I secured a dream job as a supervisor four months after graduating. 🙂 Once again, thank you, thank you, and thank you!”
Emmanuel Obando
Food Scientist

… I can help you overhaul your resume and and prevent all kinds of critical mistakes.

My clients have benefited tremendously from my help -- because I have almost a decade of experience as a hiring manager.

I also achieved these certifications early in my career as a resume writer...

… and have since gone on to creating my own, even more prestigious certification program based on how much the job market has evolved in the past decade.


If you’d like my help with feedback on your resume, all you have to do is tell me what kinds of jobs you’re looking for and give me your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn.

I’ll record myself giving everything detailed feedback.

I’ll send you both the video and your red-lined documents.

My goal with this service is to not only help you get an interview, but an offer that you’re happy to accept.

* Because of the one-on-one, time-intensive nature of my services, I only take a few clients each week.

You risk nothing

Money-back guarantee: If I can’t find anything that needs improvement in your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn, I’ll give you back your $99.

If you later decide to invest in our resume writing services, you can use use the $99 as credit towards your purchase.