You might have some questions about your career, and may be eager to get answers quickly. Here’s a quick overview of the most common questions people ask me. 

If you have a question that you need answered before we speak, please text me at 714.845.7104

About Our Services


Who are the CareerTuners?

CareerTuners is a small firm of certified career coaches, resume writers, and leadership coaches; since starting in 2010, we have empowered more than 1500 ambitious professions to: 

  • confidently command better pay and incentives
  • contribute meaningfully to their places of employment
  • leave jobs where they just weren’t growing in the right direction 


Okay, what’s next?

  1. You’ve just scheduled a consultation call with us; when we speak, we’ll talk about your career goals and about how to get there.
  2. If this entails investing in our services, I’ll guide you on the ones that fit your needs and help you make the purchase using our services page.
  3. Here’s what happens after that:

Once you invest in our writing or coaching services, you will be redirected to another page that will ask you to schedule a more in-depth call. If you like, I can help you book this call, or I can show you how to do it yourself.

If you're interested in getting your resume or LinkedIn redone, we will spend roughly six to eight hours to study your career goals, the associated job market, complete history, and anything else you've shared with me and use that to prepare for your information-gathering call, which spans roughly 90 minutes to two hours.

This call will be completely tailored around your career and goals; we find that rather than relying on a questionnaire, this conversation-based approach gets better, more powerful accomplishments out of our clients.

After this conversation, we'll get to work on your written materials and have everything over within about a week of our discussion.

Once your materials are ready, if you like, I can share them with my recruiter friends to see if they have any open searches that match your profile.

If you are interested in a coaching service, you'll schedule your coaching call, talk about the issues you're facing with your career, and our coach will work with you one-on-one to overcome those and possibly schedule follow-up calls, as well.


What’s your availability? How will we communicate?

Our clients are extremely busy people, so we work around their schedules. 

We are available as early as 5 AM Eastern and as late as 10 PM Pacific and all throughout the day.

If you call or text 714.845.7104, you should expect a near-immediate response; if I am out of the office, one of my colleagues will be able to help you using the notes I share with them.


What if I need an update in a few months?

If it has been three months since we worked together and there isn’t a change in your career goals, we won’t charge you for your resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter update. However, if more than four months have passed, there may be a small update fee for conducting a short call with you to talk about any new projects you’ve worked on.

Alternatively, if you update your resume yourself with your new projects and want us to edit it, we’ll do that for free.

Please note that if you want us to align your resume with a particular job description (similar to the one you shared with your writer before), we’d be happy to take care of that for you for free.


How do you collect information from your clients?

You’ll fill out a three-question form to tell us about your career goals, or I can do that for you.

You’ll schedule another, longer call, where you’ll tell us about your history. This will help us capture your accomplishments.

If we decide to work together, you’ll also sign our general agreement form. This legally binds us to safeguarding any confidential information you provide.


How quickly can you deliver the files?

Our usual turnaround is five business days. However, if you want us to deliver the files earlier, please check out our rush delivery options here.


Client Success Assurance


Do you have any guarantees?

Because we cannot control hiring decisions or take interviews for you, we cannot guarantee that you’ll get the job you want; it would be unethical for us to make that claim — please be cautious of people who make such claims.

What I can guarantee is my continued support. I will continue to follows up with you to help you with anything you might need. I’ll also share recommendations that you can implement to improve your outcomes.

Here’s what a client had to say about our follow up processes:

"The CareerTuners team is knowledgeable and helpful. Not only did they provide resume writing service, but also thoughtful career advice tailored to me. I am so happy that I made the investment. It brought me so many opportunities that I could never think of before the resume writing. They also did multiple follow ups to ensure I was getting interviews and offered to update the resume. They were also super responsive and worked around my schedule. I cannot thank CareerTuners enough!"


– Xiaochang (Lucy) Liu, Product Technical Program Manager at Meta

 I will also share your resume with my recruiter friends, of course after getting your approval. They may have open positions for someone like you!


Do I get anything if I refer your services to someone?

Yes, after working with us, if you send a customer our way, we’ll give you $200 in our services for free. Most our clients hear about us through their friends; your thoughtful referrals allow us to help more people.


Payment Process

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept payments through credit and debit cards. You can pay either upfront or in installments here:

For the convenience of our clients, we are also open to accepting upfront payments through bank transfers and checks on a case-by-case basis.


How much do you charge for your services?

You can find the prices of our standalone services and our bundles here:

Here are our most popular services and their prices:

  • Resume: $600
  • LinkedIn Profile Revamp: $600
  • Resume + LinkedIn Bundle: $900
  • Cover Letter: $150
  • Interview Coaching: $300
  • Salary Negotiation: $2100
  • Career Coaching: $450, or $350 if purchased with our resume or LinkedIn services
  • Resume Distribution: $150
  • Executive Coaching: $1000

Are your fees negotiable?

These prices are non-negotiable. Our services are not for everyone and that’s okay!

However, we offer installment plans as well.


Your prices are too high; I’m considering a lower-cost option.

While we promise to guide you to the best of our abilities regardless of who you decide to work with, we do highly recommend taking assistance from our full-time, certified team, who has been writing resumes for over a decade. 

We are trained rigorously on best practices that have been approved by 3,000 of our recruiter friends across the United States. We make every effort to keep these practices updated in accordance with different industries. We also have a dedicated quality control manager that ensures everything you receive is in line with these best practices.

Writers and coaches that charge lower fees may be able to do so because:

  • Their expertise may be narrower; they may not be applying to jobs for their clients, helping them prep for interviews, choose a career that suits them better, or negotiate their salaries. As a result, they may be providing very limited and even incorrect advice. Having someone by your side who understands the full picture of the job market is critical to getting a good, high-paying job quickly.
  • They may be outsourcing their service delivery to freelancers or contractors.
  • Their level of service may not be as rigorous, or may stop as soon as the materials are delivered.
  • Collaboration might be very limited.
  • They may not be certified or may not undertake formal continued training.
  • They may be cutting costs by short-cutting parts of the process that are critical to your success, like on-call information-gathering, one-on-one coaching, and using pre-written resume templates!

Some of the things our clients have commended us for in the past include:

  • Being able to command significantly higher salaries with our coaching and writing services.
  • The way they can trust their career with us because we never utilize templated, one-size-fits-most approaches.
  • Our knowledge of the ever-changing job search world, which we have utilized to build our own training and certification programs.
  • The way we stay in touch to continue to provide support.
  • Unlimited revisions on written materials until they are satisfied. (The only thing we may charge extra for is if you’re changing the scope of your search to another field or updating your materials with some new information.)

My friends say your fee is too high and I should just do it myself. What do you say to that?

If we don’t work together, please do make sure you work towards your career objectives yourself! Some career strategy is better than nothing at all.

However, the best results you can achieve are with professionals who do this for a living – that’s us! For most of our clients, our service fee is less than one day of their annual pay. The way they rationalize their investment with us is this – if we can save you a few weeks of staring at a blinking cursor, wondering what to write or how to edit the materials you’ve received, then the services pay for themselves.

However, that’s not where the real bang for your buck comes in. Most of our clients earn significantly higher salaries with our services, some doubling their pay

Furthermore, salary may not be your #1 priority. You may be looking for a…

  • job that fits better with your long-term career goals
  • place that values your contributions fairly
  • flexible, hybrid, or remote job
  • training-oriented culture
  • less hostile boss!
  • more ambitious leadership team

I look forward to discussing what success means to you and helping you get there.

Investing a tiny fraction of your total compensation gain to avoid leaving multiples of our fee on the table seems like a good investment, but that’s ultimately for you to decide.


What about this call? Is it going to be paid? Or if I need to talk to you again for advice?

No. Our consultation is totally free.

I look forward to speaking to you soon!

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