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If you’ve come to this page, you’re looking for a particular resource that was mentioned in the book. 

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Key Resources

This section contains links to multiple critical resources such as our cheatsheets, resume template, and chatGPT scripts.

Our resume template is ATS-friendly and has been vetted by 3,000+ recruiters. And based on recruiter feedback, we improve this template to ensure that we’re meeting the average requirements of hiring managers and recruiters. 

This blog has a list of keywords you can use while making your marketing resume. You’ll have to scroll down a little after opening this blog on step #1. You’ll find a long list of keywords there.

A recruiter and ATS template for cover letters. To make cover letter creation a breeze, check out our cover letter cheat sheet as well.. 

Two of my colleagues and myself spent months experimenting with ChatGPT to build scripts that you can use to develop your resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter, without falling prey to costly job mistakes.


After getting recruiter feedback, I put together a few cheat sheets for job seekers. They are a quick visual guide that will help you elevate your application. Simply go to the linked site, sign-up, and receive the cheatsheet in your inbox.

More Information on Red Flags

In Resparking Creativity I talk about common red flags job seekers have in their career history. You’ve gone through them and thought, “I’d like to know more” or “my red flag wasn’t talked about.” For you, I’ve collected a list of blogs that contain more information:

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