Sarwath Hussain

I am in awe of how CareerTuners are able to take any person’s situation/ job title/ field of work/ skills, and turn them into a polished you’d-be-a-fool-not-to-hire rock star on their resume. After the conference call, I knew I was in good hands. Half of my worries about getting a job were gone after I hung up the phone.
Being a mother of two and having been on maternity leave for 6 years, I was very skeptical, nervous, and under-confident about going back into the workforce. CareerTuners pulled me up, brushed off the dust, and made me brand new.
They coached me on how I should present myself to a potential employer, guided me on how to make a stellar, outstanding resume, taught me how to speak confidently about my skills and experiences from prior jobs, and most importantly made me excited about working again.
They even helped me make my LinkedIn profile. What else could I ask for?
I would recommend any and every mom that wants to stand back on her feet again to give CareerTuners a call. They are always eager to help and answer all your questions with her brilliant expertise.
They will put that spring in your step within the first five minutes.