Stand out with a professional LinkedIn profile and resume writing service.

If you doubt your LinkedIn profile’s capabilities in your job search, you might want to explore the benefits of hiring a professional LinkedIn profile and resume writing services.

Firstly, how important do you consider your LinkedIn profile? Well, eight people are hired through LinkedIn every minute. 

The significance of this statistic cannot be overstated. It shows the tremendous impact of LinkedIn as a platform for professional networking and job opportunities.

For job seekers, this figure is definitely a motivating factor for you to maintain and optimize your LinkedIn profiles consistently. You could easily be one of these eight people.

Quick side note: If you’re feeling frustrated by the lack of response from recruiters and need a boost in your job search, you can use my two-page, salary-doubling resume cheat sheet to give your application the extra edge it needs:

You could attempt to revamp your LinkedIn profile on your own but without clearly understanding effective optimization techniques, your profile might end up even less appealing to potential connections and employers.

For example, a common mistake LinkedIn amateurs make is reaching out to alumni they don't even know in hopes of getting an "in" to their dream company. 

A mediocre LinkedIn profile is also the perfect attraction for low-level recruiters, who can't even spell your name correctly, to further demotivate you by disregarding your expertise which isn't relevant to them. 

These discouraging scenarios are exactly what causes people to shut off the public view of their profiles, leading to missed opportunities to attract employers and networking connections.

Opting for a professional and reputable LinkedIn profile writing service, on the other hand, offers a transformative experience for your online resume. It elevates your presence in the competitive world of professionals.

Fortunately, many resume writing services offer this amazing LinkedIn profile boost as an add-on service, along with interview coaching, salary negotiation, career coaching, and cover letter writing. 
For example, you can find all of these services on our services page.

So, how exactly does a LinkedIn profile writing service differ from a resume writing service?

Much to everyone's surprise, these two services actually cater to completely different aspects. Many people tend to blur the lines between their LinkedIn profiles and resumes and end up copying parts (or all) of their resume content onto their LinkedIn profile. They may feel that this is a good solution, but the truth is, it’s not.

LinkedIn profile writing services understand that your LinkedIn is not meant to be just a rehash of your resume. 

Here are some fundamental differences between a LinkedIn profile and a resume: 

  1. Your LinkedIn profile has a broader audience than your resume does. Think of it like standing in the corner of a park singing a song. Anyone passing by can hear you (and anyone else who is singing too!) Meanwhile, a resume is for a specific audience. It’s more of a one-on-one conversation between two parties.
  1. A LinkedIn profile's algorithms and fields are different from what you’d get with a resume. With a resume, we are restricted to two pages and a limited amount of space to work in. With LinkedIn, each experience, project, and 'the about' section can run up to 2000 characters. 
  1. Your LinkedIn profile's hooks have to be a lot stronger than on your resume. On LinkedIn, you don’t get to see the entire text without clicking “See More.” That means that you could have great accomplishments in your profile but if the opening lines aren’t interesting enough, the reader will just move on!
  1. LinkedIn gives job seekers the power to check recruiters back out and follow up. The goal of this social media platform isn’t just to get interviews; it’s to expand the network to boost passive search objectives.

In essence, the best LinkedIn profile writing service refines your ordinary profile into a compelling tool. Just as first impressions matter in person, a polished LinkedIn profile holds the same significance in the digital realm of professionals.

However, in the current landscape of professional development, entrusting your career aspirations to just any LinkedIn profile and resume writing service is probably not the best choice. 

Here are some words from an unhappy customer who made a bad investment choice: 

"Obviously, I have been doing a lot the last 30 years and just too much information to understand and obtained…I wasted over $1,000 in other resume writers and got nothing out of it. With Zuha I at least feel I got my money's worth and she even helped me with LinkedIn and we are soon going to do some coaching classes for interviews. I must say she is not the least expensive but she is well worth it." - Ernest Panza, Director of Operations. 

(Zuha is a resume writer on the CareerTuners team.)

Let's discuss what makes a really good LinkedIn profile writing service stand apart from its lesser counterparts.

How much does it cost to have someone write your LinkedIn profile?

The cost of having someone write your LinkedIn profile can vary depending on several factors. Many LinkedIn profile writing services offer different packages tailored to the client's needs and budget.

Prices can range from $50 (for basic packages) to $3000 for more comprehensive, well-rounded packages. 

While $3000 might sound like a hefty investment for an optimized LinkedIn profile, the pros — a highly likely increase in ROI — definitely outweigh the cons (a one-time payment). 

This was exactly the case for Donnie Adams, a former client. 

We immediately noticed his LinkedIn profile was subpar — despite his extensive experience and skills. 

He had experience as an account executive and was looking for the next role. His resume didn’t do him justice. 

But more importantly, his LinkedIn failed to give a strong impression. 

Some key problems with his LinkedIn were: 

  • Missing headline and keywords
  • No summary
  • No proper use of the skills section
  • Lack of accomplishments in the experience section

94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to cut candidates from their applicant pool; Donnie was one of them.

Here's what we did for his LinkedIn for only $600:

  • Created a punchy keyword-based headline to showcase his top skills at first glance.
  • Developed summary and experience descriptions that highlighted his capabilities as an overachiever.
  • Along with a fully-equipped skills section, added industry-specific keywords throughout his profile.

Where is Donnie now? 

Right after the LinkedIn optimization, recruiters started reaching out to Donnie. He soon landed a job as a Senior AE.

In 2022, he secured an additional 15% increase in his salary after coming back for an update. Donnie also ended up referring his brother and several friends to us.

The point is — a strong, beefy LinkedIn profile pulls interviews for you passively. All you have to do is set it up once, and people will keep coming to your profile.

What does the writing process look like for a good profile service?

-Connecting with an industry-specific expert: Any great LinkedIn profile writing service's first step should be to pair you up with an expert up-to-date on the current algorithms and the keyword optimization necessary for boosting your profile's visibility. 

-Extensive info-gathering call: The next step is a simple conversation guided by your assigned writer to help you build a clearer picture of your successes and understand your goals and target jobs. This way, you realize your overlooked accomplishments, which will help you stay motivated through the job process and sell yourself better in interviews.

By the way, if you feel like you have no notable accomplishments looking back on your career, you might want to think again. Check out my blog on how to create powerful accomplishments that don’t rely on just stuffing numbers into your resume.

-Delivery, revisions, and feedback: A good LinkedIn profile writing service will deliver you optimized content ready to be copied and pasted onto your profile. This way, you can also make use of the easy apply feature while applying on LinkedIn - one of the biggest job boards online.

What are some things to watch out for when selecting a LinkedIn profile service?

🚨Beware of questionnaires: When choosing a LinkedIn profile service, be cautious if the service heavily relies on questionnaires without any personalized interactions or consultations. A reputable service should take the time to understand your unique professional background, career goals, and achievements through direct communication. 

🚨No connecting on the phone: It's a red flag if a LinkedIn profile service avoids or discourages phone consultations. The absence of phone communication might indicate a lack of commitment or an attempt to cut corners in the profile-building process. 
🚨Takes longer than a week to deliver: Compromising on timely delivery is a huge warning sign and leads to missed opportunities. A reputable service should strike a balance between providing a well-crafted profile within a reasonable timeframe and ensuring that your profile effectively communicates your unique value proposition.

What should a good LinkedIn profile writing service offer?

For the best results, the LinkedIn profile writing service you invest in should offer: 

  • Enhanced profile visibility – This process involves optimizing your profile page to improve its visibility in search engines. 
  • Compelling content – The "About" and "Experience" sections are particularly emphasized to showcase both your professional expertise and personal attributes.
  • Tailoring and personalization – This aspect revolves around customizing your profile to make it distinctive and appealing.

While the numbers quoted might seem like an investment, the benefits are highly significant, especially if you're looking to stand out on LinkedIn amongst a sea of competitors and attract recruiters' attention.

"With CareerTuners' help, I was able to attract my new employer via LinkedIn and DOUBLE my salary!!! I look forward to working with CareerTuners as my career expands." - Donnie Adams, Digital Services Specialist at Ricoh USA, Inc. 

As you can see, a well-crafted LinkedIn profile is essential in today's competitive job market — given that you've opted for an effective LinkedIn profile service. As your virtual resume, it can be a powerful tool for making a strong first impression on potential employers. 

This leads me to my next point:

What are some of the benefits of hiring the best LinkedIn profile writing service?

  • An authentic reflection of you

LinkedIn profile experts know how to optimize your profile to make it more attractive to recruiters. Ultimately, this increases the likelihood of catching their eye among competitors. 

  • Improved visibility and online presence

Professional LinkedIn profile writers understand how to leverage keywords strategically and create engaging content that resonates with recruiters. They can guide you on how to post on LinkedIn to maximize visibility and engagement, boosting your chances of being noticed by employers. 

  • Boosting job prospects

 A well-tailored profile that aligns with the requirements of a particular industry or job application will effectively capture recruiters' interest and increase the likelihood of being noticed for potential opportunities.

If you're still wondering whether you're the right candidate for help from a professional LinkedIn profile and resume writing service, this next part should clear that up for you.

What are the signs you need a professional LinkedIn profile and resume writing service?

While a well-rounded, optimized LinkedIn profile can act as a huge asset for professionals from all industries and backgrounds, there are a few scenarios where an effective LinkedIn profile writing service may be particularly needed. 

  1. You're not keeping up with the latest changes. 

I get it. Keeping up with the constantly changing trends and best practices can be tiring and tedious. Every social media platform has its algorithms for keeping the engagement rate high and attracting your target audience. A LinkedIn professional is aware of all these and will employ the best methods to create a profile that stands out on LinkedIn and attracts recruiters. 

  1. Writing isn't your forte. 

You might struggle with writing — which is completely fine. A well-rounded and engaging LinkedIn profile doesn't require you to be the best writer. You can still make a lasting impact by opting for a reputable LinkedIn profile writing service that takes care of the writing part for you and ensures you stand out on LinkedIn among a sea of competitors. 

  1. You have difficulty expressing your achievements.

Even if you have accomplishments to be proud of, it can be tough to talk about yourself confidently. A skilled writer can create a compelling representation of your skills and contributions, allowing you to focus on sharing the essential details.

  1. Time constraints — you simply don't have the time. 

Juggling work and personal life can leave little room for crafting an impactful profile. This is especially true if you have a full-time job or manage your own business. An ideal LinkedIn profile and resume writing service can handle the task, saving you time, effort, and the stress of updating your profile on your own.

  1. Your LinkedIn profile has cobwebs all over it.

An updated LinkedIn profile is crucial, but it's easy to let it slip when life gets busy. If it's been a while since your last update, your professional image might benefit from some improvement. A LinkedIn profile writer can refresh your profile, relieving you of the burden of spending hours on updates.

How do you choose the best LinkedIn profile writing service?

As reiterated throughout this blog, a strong LinkedIn profile will open doors to exciting job prospects and valuable connections and:

  • Rank higher in recruiters’ searches
  • Encourage the recruiter to click the “message” button and approach you
  • Expand your professional network
  • Most Importantly: Pull interviews for you passively.

Look for the features mentioned below in your shortlisted LinkedIn profile writing services so you can make the best decision and invest your hard-earned money in a place that gives you tangible results. 

  • One-on-one collaboration with an industry-specific expert: 

Good LinkedIn profile writing services will pair you with an experienced industry-specific writer who understands your professional background, goals, and industry, resulting in a tailored and effective profile.

  • 24/7 support:

Only the best LinkedIn profile writing services are able to offer 24/7 support for their clients which includes picking up your calls, answering any questions you might have, and general help extended beyond delivery. Such services are committed to assisting you in getting a desirable offer. 

  • Unlimited updates:

Not only do you get a profile that perfectly captures your work values and ethics, but you can also opt for routine tweaking for jobs similar to your target jobs. This eliminates a huge burden because you're not antagonizing and worrying about how to customize the document.


Our comprehensive LinkedIn service includes

  • A full-fledged revamped LinkedIn profile: 

You can take instant advantage of your streamlined profile that is aligned with your resume to present the best picture of you. All you have to do is simply copy and paste the delivered contents into their respective spaces. Our service ensures this will passively pull people to your profile. By strategically inputting the right keywords and information, you start showing up in more relevant search results.

  • Applying to jobs for you: 

We understand that applying for jobs can be a tedious, time-consuming process. That's why we offer to apply for jobs for our clients. We use all the platforms that job seekers use every day, so our work is always relevant, strategic, and effective.

  • Sending InMails to people you SHOULD be connected with:

Unlike a standard connection request, InMails enables you to send a personalized message that highlights your shared interests or mutual connections. Our expertise and personalized approach ensure that InMails go out to people who will indefinitely improve your job search, increase the likelihood of getting a positive response, and initiate meaningful interactions.

  • Networking via LinkedIn: 

Our strategic management of your LinkedIn profile helps you connect with a broader and more relevant network of professionals. This expanded network introduces clients to new opportunities, potential collaborators, mentors, industry peers, and potential clients or employers.

Schedule a consultation for more information about this bundle or learn more about it on our a la carte page. 

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