LinkedIn Cheat Sheet


Join thousands of smart job seekers by downloading my free, recruiter-approved LinkedIn cheat sheet to get more profile views and interviews.

According to a global survey, 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn to find talent. And the 760 million smart professionals on LinkedIn know that a profile that highlights your key is critical to get jobs and network.
If you need help with this, you can download our recruiter-approved LinkedIn cheat sheet for free by filling out this form.

Grab your copy so you don't make any of the following mistakes:

  • Copying information directly from the resume: With LinkedIn, there is more room for keywords; plus, your audience is also different. Rather than using a fishing line, you're throwing out a fishing net. Therefore, an optimal profile needs to be different from a resume.
  • Not using the right keywords: To ensure your LinkedIn appears in the top when recruiters search for candidates, your profile needs to be keyword optimized.
  • Using just your job title in the headline section: Instead of leaving the headline to default, the 120-characters should be used as a hook to entice the visitor for reading.

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