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If you’re like Mathew, Cavin, Fabian, or Jawad, you’re hardworking, more than capable of doing a higher-paying, more fulfilling job, and extremely sharp – but you just need some help articulating your strengths.

74% of people at work know they aren't at their full potential.

This stagnation goes on for years

… with others get the promotion you want…

… with you doing “tasks” of “burning importance” and putting out fires…

… with you going stale because you’re not challenging yourself creatively…

… until finally you stop thinking about all the missed opportunities because your workday is specifically designed to burn you out!

This will go on for years...

… unless you decide to invest in yourself today.

We help ambitious, high-performing professionals sell themselves better to their bosses, to interviewers, and to hiring managers – without using templates, cliches, or outdated best practices – and we do so by continually seeking input from our 3000+ recruiter friends.

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After working with us, you’ll be able to articulate how you get things done – and people will be excited to work with you.

To serve you at all points of your career journey, we've pioneered the ROE™ model.

What is ROE?

We aren’t just professional resume writers and career coaches. The scope of our expertise is both broad and deep – we’ll tell you when it’s not your resume that’s the problem, but the types of jobs you’re applying for, or the way you present yourself in interviews.

Rebrand entails redoing all the written components of your application: Your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, bio, and even your MBA admissions materials. We’ll help you bridge gaps in how you present your professional brand.

With Outreach, you can outsource all of your job application monotony to us: applying for you online, networking for you, and distributing your resume to recruiters. We’ll help you tap into the “hidden job market” to get you hired faster than your peers.

Finally, through our Earn More services, we’ll prepare you for interviews and helping you negotiate a higher salary. If you want to stay at your current company, we can coach you on how to get more positive attention from your higher-ups, ask for cool, high-visibility projects to showcase on your resume, and position yourself for an internal promotion.

Landing a job that pays $200,000 just a week sooner = $3,843 more in your pocket.

What you can expect when working with us:

Support until you get the job that you want.

Up-to-the-minute advice as online applicant tracking systems, hiring practices, and promotion criteria continue to evolve.

One-on-one help from someone who specializes in your field.

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Meet Fatemah Mirza

I founded CareerTuners in 2010 to help smart, career-driven leaders with professional resume services. Since then, my work has evolved to supporting clients with every step of their career journeys – from finding a career that they’re enthralled with to negotiating five-digit salary raises.

I’m also the co-author of a best-selling career services book, “Resparking Creativity: A Marketing Professional’s Career Guide Towards Becoming a Director.”

As a sought-after speaker and coach, I empowers audiences to get out of their comfort zones, improve their career readiness, and advocate for themselves in the workspace – be it negotiating salaries they deserve, earning promotions, or boosting their job satisfaction.

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Why do I need a professionally written resume?

Most companies use tools, called Applicant Tracking Systems, to filter out resumes they don’t want to look at. Unfortunately, these tools aren’t that great and can get tripped up by simple things – like a resume using the wrong font or color.

If your resume passes the initial screening, your resume will get skimmed by someone who is really pressed for time. This cookie-cutter process often leaves out the best candidates. Unfortunately, sometimes, recruiters are okay with compromising on the candidates’ quality to save their own time. 

In the third stage of the hiring process, your resume finally gets picked apart both before and during your interviews.

And then finally, the first impression your professional resume gave will be tallied along with how you presented yourself, and you’ll get a salary offer that roughly matches what you presented.

A professionally written resume beats ATS, slows down even the most impatient of screeners, wows interviewers, and helps you get paid more.

If your resume isn’t doing all of the above…

Our clients have landed jobs with highly selective organizations, including:

We help hardworking professionals feel more fulfilled at work without having to apply to hundreds of jobs every month.

Our clients come to us feeling rejected, desperate for something better, stressed out about the future, and yet still optimistic that they can do better.

Just by helping them represent themselves better, we’ve been able to help them find more meaningful, better-fit jobs that position them for continued career growth.

When we’re not busy helping our clients feel more in control of their career, we’re creating advising job seekers through our blog and free resources.

To date, our resume cheat sheet has been downloaded by more than 150,000 smart professionals.

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